Game 2014.146: Royals at Tigers

That last was a mighty fine game. Many good plays, bang-bang plays, on both sides, and fortunately the errors fell KC’s way once again. We can tell what Ian Kinsler eats for breakfast (anyone?), but can anyone leave his feet and then make a throw like he does? Rajai Davis power was the difference in the game, and we know he didn’t really get picked off 1B, either. J.D. Martinez power was the backbreaker. Max had espresso for breakfast himself (4 BB and all agitated and such), but he pitched big. Joe Nathan’s finest hour so far as a Tiger, maybe, in the 9th, where he was a couple eyelashes away from 1-2-3. I have no illusions that the Detroit bullpen won’t continue to live on the edge, but this one didn’t get away. Joakim Soria might be back soon, and he might even be good this time. Kelvin Herrera throws 100 MPH and made a play I’d like to see any Tigers pitcher make, ever. I don’t think that combination is allowed.

There might be more to the difference between an Old Style Porcello struggle and the New (Hitter-) Baffling Porcello dominance than “he is/isn’t getting his sinker down.” Someone should study this. Meanwhile, the Tigers have been known to hit James Shields. No reason they can’t do that tonight.

So, the Tigers are in 1st place again. But so are 6 other teams. It’s ooooooonly Game 146.

Baseball Reference Game Preview

James Shields vs. Rick Porcello

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  1. Weather gods permitting, this will be the third time Shields and Porcello face off this season. The first two times Little Ricky has dominated the Royals. Tonight, J.D. Martinez may come alive against Shields. Let’s hope MoJo has decided to spend some time in the Tigers dugout?

  2. Kinsler plays so hard on D he has nothing left on O….if he isn’t the gold glove 2B somethings wrong. That play last night was great to start with, and then to get the out at second was more amazing…
    Lets keep that hammer down tonight!…we need that heavy wet air wet ground for 18 round ball outs..

    1. I saw the Detroit forecast yesterday, didn’t look good, but I’m usually off with dire weather predictions. I should have said something, and then we’d be watching a game right now. Rainout = not good. I don’t like it at all. Team is rolling.

    1. Ever get the impression Kinsler’s mind is elsewhere?

      No takers, so… Kinsler’s breakfast is POP TARTS. He took a noticeably different approach that first PA, anyone notice?

      1. He takes that approach a lot on his first at bat as the leadoff hitter…then from there on I agree he is elsewhere!!

        1. The pop-ups and baserunning errors were the most common complaints in Texas. He can still be a good player in spite of them.

          1. Most of you remember life at second base between Guillen and Infante. I will take these days instead of those times.

  3. Hey Alex as was mentioned last night…the ball is no where near your bat when you swing over and over and over…

      1. I’ve notice a lot of movement on JJohnson’s pitches lately… I mean the guy saved 101 games for BAL in 2012-13 (51 saves ’12, then 50 in ’13)

    1. Great pitching from the Royals. Some small consolation that the Tigers kept it close, I guess. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  4. Could have bee a lot worse of a series. We will gain one game, be one out and move on….next the real games begin!!!

  5. I think that the shift and Castellanos playing SS instead of a SS (with a SS arm) playing SS back in KC’s first scoring inning had something to do with turning the tide in this one. But Porcello just got beat a couple times, too. Not a lot of margarine when you’re up against Big Jam Games.

    1. its going to come down to which team (DET or KC) will beat the teams/pitching match-ups they’re ‘supposed to win’…

      KC has a pretty bad BOS (who just shut-down Pedroia) team coming to KC for 4 games…while DET will be playing CLE, who’s still has a shot at a playoff spot… bottom line, DET will have to earn it – and that’s the way it should be.

  6. OAK just got shutout 1-0 by Sale & CWS…Sale 8 IN 2 H.

    As long as Sale stays healthy, KC will face him once… probably twice in their 6 remaining games w/CWS. DET will also have to face Sale in their remaining series w/CWS.

    OAK continues their descent …personally i’d like to see DET win the ALC, and SEA and CLE (or KC) take the two AL wild card spots

  7. In northern Cali for the week. The bride is at a training session in Santa Cruz, and I am going to watch the dodgers and giants do battle Friday and Saturday. My bro Joe (rhp) is joining me along with an old friend of ours, then sat. My niece and her hubby. Oh, and the horse races tomorrow. Yeah life is good. Was thinking about 343 of my FDNY brothers today. Never forget.

    1. Well said Jim! Enjoy your trip….BTW Red Sox beat the Royal so Tigers are 1/2 game back!

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