Game 2014.90 Postgame: Tigers 5, Royals 1

Solid win all the way around. The game followed suit for a lot of Det/KC games this year until the Tigers’ outburst in the 9th. ¬†That’s 6-0 in KC this season, as the Royals are this year’s 2013 Indians.

Baseball-Reference postgame here.

Three stars:

1) Rick Porcello – he was dealing again. Only 6 hits in 7 IPs, but he did walk 3. Two of the baserunners were erased on double plays.

2) JD Martinez – leading off the 9th with a cushion run was huge. Have we lost since VMart sat?

3) Joe Nathan – they should all be that easy.

I’m going to update everyone on the web site in the morning.