Game 2014.64 Postgame: Tigers 12, Twins 9

That was about as un-fun as a 19 hit, 12 run attack can be.

In the 3rd inning, down 5-1, Deduno got a line out and a K to get to 2 outs with the bases clear. He then gave up a single to Castellanos and walked Avila, and Gardenhire came out to get him. This was an interesting move considering how early it was in the game, and that there were two outs already. I think that Gardenhire pulled him for two reasons – 1) Gardenhire knew that 5 runs was very doable against this Tigers pitching staff (even with Sanchez going b/c eventually the bullpen has to pitch) and 2) That Gardenhire could care less about conventional wisdom. Though the move didn’t pay off for the Twins, I like that Gardenhire is making moves to influence the game. Ausmus has been relying too much on his players as of late. I’ll freely admit that the Tigers have significantly more talent than the Twins, so trusting the Tigers’ players makes sense, but we’ve been in a rut for a month now and Ausmus could do more to make his presence felt.

Suarez was awesome. A single away from a cycle, and he continues to play strong defense. Caution the exuberance though, as he’s never finished a minor league season with a combined OPS greater than .802. But even a .700 OPS will be a marked improvement over what we’ve been getting at the SS position.

Everyone had two hits except for Jackson (1) and Avila (0).

Torii Hunter misplayed another ball in RF. Not that this is news to anyone, but Hunter is the worst defensive right fielder in the majors. It’s not even close.

Fangraphs Def RFers 6-14-14

And finally, the bullpen. Six earned runs in 2 2/3. That’s hard to do. Seriously, try it. Collectively, the bullpen faced 19 batters, allowed 11 of them to reach and over half of them to make three left turns. Coke had a relatively productive outing, allowing only 3 hits and 3 earned runs in his one inning spanning the 7th and 8th. He gets paid to do that.

9-19 RISP.

It’s a win, but I have grave concerns about what’s to come tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Game 2014.64 Postgame: Tigers 12, Twins 9”

  1. Torii has lost a step or two, which is, or should have been, predictable. But on top of that he just plays balls badly, and today was even guilty of being lazy out there. RF is a problem.

    1. You would think that years of experience would grant him wisdom enough to compensate, at least some.

      1. Maybe he’s just not picking up the ball. I wonder if he’s had his vision checked lately (that does go with age also).

        1. Wouldn’t you think a vision check would part of a standard physical given on reporting to camp in the spring? For example, I”ll bet the Red Sox do it.

  2. Hey Brad, let Reid or Coke or someone pitch the 7-8 or the 7-8-9 in a blow out. By parading 4-5 pitchers out there, given the Tiger blowpen it won’t take long to run into one that will get bombed…you have done this 4-5 pitchers for 2-3 innings all year and it has yet to work for you….hellooooo!….Brad who is your long man…oh you don’t have one. Every other team has one. Hey Brad who can you put out there for 2-3 innings? What you don’t know who???. Hey Brad who is your closer?..Nathan huh!….wow Brad…anyone can coach when things are going great. You are getting paid $4 mil to find the answers …

    1. Ausmus can only use what’s made available to him. Leyland used to get the same criticism. But when the players are under performing the manager gets the blame. That’s part of the job description, fair or not. Where the Tigers are concerned there are so many holes in the dike, it’s hard to come up with a single fix. So just blame the manager or GM, or the owner and vent frustrations aimed at whoever. The best laid plans just have not worked. Yet. Baseball is a funny game. It could all change suddenly for the better.

  3. Using the players you have available is my exact point.
    Tigers now have 3 relief pitchers in the top 10 in appearances. Why???..the manager does not believe ANY of his pitchers can go more than one inning and in too many cases a guy gets the last out in one inning and does not come back for the next. This happens way too mant times. I am not blaming Asmus for who he has on his pitching staff, my beef is how they are used.

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