Game 2014.42: Tigers 10, Indians 11

Really bad outing by Verlander yesterday, its going to happen. I thought that Vince in MN had a great point regarding Verlander’s transition into a finesse pitcher. If you need any more evidence than what you’re watching, check out his K and BB rates. His K rate this year is a 6.7/9, the lowest it has been in 8 years. Only his rookie year had a lower K rate (6.0). Meanwhile, his walk rate has been jumping at an alarming rate over the past two years, as he struggles to put away hitters with dominant stuff. This season it is a 3.7/9, which is the highest since it was 3.9 in 2008 (when he went 11-17). I think it make sense that he’s walking more as he tries to pitch around some hitters rather than through them.

He’s still one of the best, and he’ll get it sorted out.

Not a lot of time to dwell on it, as first pitch is less than an hour away.

Today’s Let’s Not Get Swept By the Indians Lineup:

1. Rajai Davis, LF
2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Victor Martinez, DH
5. J.D. Martinez, RF
6. Austin Jackson, CF
7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
8. Bryan Holaday, C
9. Danny Worth, SS


The entire game was a long drawn out kick to the groin. Can’t get out of there fast enough. Some pitching tomorrow would be a welcome sight.

We’ll likely have another dozen or two games just like this throughout the remainder of the season. It’s every true fan’s curse.

59 thoughts on “Game 2014.42: Tigers 10, Indians 11”

  1. DET pitching (aces) seem to have awoke CLE bats from their 2 month slumber…

    hopefully this humbling series in CLE will be a positive for DET, as they play TEX this weekend (3), then head out west to play OAK (4) and SEA (3)… and OAK is just good, and SEA is no slouch, especially w/hitting aficionado/McClendon at the helm

  2. Hard to believe that the first plaace team goes to the last place team and gets out hit, out pitchhed, and out coached!

  3. This series has been ridiculous…What happened to this team? Zubaz a little too tight?

  4. Hey Smokey jr…why not leave him in to give up 100….try managing…maybe pinch hit Romine!!!…and Avila!!!!

  5. I hate breathing life into the Indians. We are sure breaking records last two games. According to announcers most given up by Max since 2012 against you guessed it the Indians.

  6. In just this game if the Tigers would swing at only strikes thrown by the Indian pitchers the score would be 20-7…but thats not the Tigers now is it?….

    lets closse this out and get the h*ll outta town!!!!!

    1. In fact the Indian pitchers walked 14-15 in this game but the Tigers only took 6 of them..

    2. This totally sucks!!!!!!..Brantly a low ball hitter has 1009999 hits against the Tigers 0-2 pitch…we will show him…low breaking ball rip for his 1020000 hit against the Tigers

          1. …there it is Coleman, the always exhilarating ‘walk-off balk’… as mentioned several innings ago, an ugly ending to an ugly game & series

            …time to GTF outta CLE

  7. They can now use this as an excuse to dump a couple more this weekend…they will have to get their Zubaz on and will be getting into Detroit late now and the millionaires won’t be able to get their beauty sleep!!

  8. NOOOOOO! Not Coke, for the love of God! get the post-game show crew ready, we are done!!

  9. Starting to seriously remind me of Ole Smokey. Let’s leave him out there so he can gain some confidence and have a decision. That’s great except his confidence builder turns into a botched game by the manager.

    1. Not one to remember… I tell my 11yr old grandson to get Amnesia after a bad game, so…. AMNESIA FOR EVERYONE!

  10. I know it’s early, but it will be hard to top this for weirdest game of the season.

    1. …maybe if he started pitching ‘well’ that would do it??? …because he certainly has not pitched well since the ’12 playoffs, and that strategy has worked so far.

      if Coke was a RHP, he’d have been long gone last year – the only reason he’s still got a job is because he happens to throw with his left hand… go figure

  11. Tommorow we wilk read from Mumbles Jr that Coke was one pitch away from being perfect….

    You know Brad you are too much like Mumbles for me..!!!

  12. I think both games on Monday and today were poorly managed. Leaving Coke out for a second inning almost always a bad decision.

    1. ALAl should get special recognition this series for facing 4 guys and blowing two games. Now thats being efficient!!

  13. And what we didn’t count on was Francona vs Asmus…it was a man against a boy this whole series

    .and as a side note on this trip trying to get 2 innings out of Coke when you hardly use him and he can’t even go one inning without giving up a run borders on negligence….

  14. It’s Ausmus! I am going out on a limb and will say that next October Phil Coke will be a hero.

    1. That’s a thin limb. Be careful. We’ll be underneath with a trampoline just in case.

    1. Yeah, after yesterday 5 1/2 hour game I ran out of the good stuff! However I will alway recall Coke’s 1 2/3 innings in game 5 of the 2011 ALCS in which he saved Verlander’s win. I still think he has that in him as his pitch speeds remain very high, especially for a left hander (which is a rarity). When he works out his headgames, it will again become fun for him and that will put him on the road back. It may take a while.

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