Game 2013.153: Mariners at Tigers

88-64, 1st place. The Indians lost. Or maybe they won. Whatever. (I’m pretty sure they lost. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the magic number is down to 5.)

Last night: Seattle 8, Detroit 0. The Tigers got in some early World Series practice. #5 starter Justin Verlander carried a no-hitter into the second inning. Was Iwakuma that good, or were the Tigers that bad? Two bases-loaded situations early came to naught. The bullpen came on to save us from a dull, ordinary shutout loss. And how about that Phil Cuzzi strike zone, eh?

Cabrera: The best hitter on the planet wasn’t.
Fielder: Got the Tigers on the just foul board with a just foul HR.
Martinez: IF single! Honest. Stole a base! OK, it was a wild pitch.
Tuiasosopo: Struck out with the bases loaded. Extenuating circumstances, but still. Busy in LF. Has a Scrappy Guy thing going, apparently.
Perez: Good energy. Seriously.
Other Guys: There, somewhere, if the box score is to be believed.
Verlander: Don’t be surprised if the crafty veteran edges out Smyly for a spot in the rotation next year.
Coke: DFA.
Alburquerque: Clown Showque. Not often you can give the pitcher alone both a wild pitch and a passed ball on one play that scores 2 runs with 0 for 97 Henry “Tattoos Age Poorly” Blanco at the plate. Too early for the WS, but a classic nonetheless.
Putkonen: Go ahead, add insult to injury. Why not.

AlburCokey lives again!

Now the time is here
AlburCokey will spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kill the Tigers they once saved

But I’m not bitter.

Still time for Detroit to take this series the way they should. Day game, Doug Fister on the slab. Eventually, given enough games and at bats, the Tigers could – in theory – hit a Mariners starter. I propose a series extension. I’m sure the White Sox would prefer a trip to sunny L.A.. As well they should.