Tigers Acquire Jose Veras

Jose Veras has been acquired from the Houston Astros for outfield prospect Danny Vasquez and journeyman PTBNL.

I don’t know much about him, but it seems like a no risk move. I don’t expect him to close, though I do think it’s reasonable to believe that he’ll be the setup guy.

I’m afraid this means that Octavio Dotel is done for the year.

I think the Tigers are done. I think the backup plan at SS is Santiago or maybe Perez. If Peralta is suspended, he’ll have the opportunity to appeal and perhaps play out the rest of the season (or serve it now and back for the playoffs). Remember that Peralta is a FA, which means that if he does appeal, he’ll go into FA with a suspension looming. Maybe time to re-sign him to another year?

11 thoughts on “Tigers Acquire Jose Veras”

  1. Looks good to me. I like having 3 Firemen you can mix and match daily to finish a game. Veras’ 3.2M option for 2014 isn’t bad either if they decide to keep him for another year.

    Vasquez is at least 3 years away I reckon, and the Tigers have an overabundance of outfielders in the system, with Castellanos and Garcia (I think they hang onto these guys) likely blocking most of the other up-and-comings anyway. As far as the PTBNL, I saw nothing about it being a journeyman, so Coke and Fielder can rest easy as far as this trade goes.

    With Santiago becoming our regular SS within the next few days, he can relax too, since PEDralta’s 50-game suspension takes it past the Sept 15 deadline for PTBNL.

    I think the Tigers might be done dealing too, but not because there aren’t holes to fill. They just don’t have that many chips to play with and the available upgrades are kind of pricey right now. Not that there are that many spare parts out there anyway. Maybe that changes sometime after the trading deadline passes when reality hits those many teams who think they are still on the bubble for making the playoffs.

  2. This move should strengthen our bullpen. Let’s see how Veras will handle AL lineups …… having to deal with a DH instead of a pitcher.

      1. Thats right, they are in the AL now. They are so lousy that they have fallen off my radar and out of my mind!

    1. Danry. I tried typing “Danry” in my comment and was initially autocorrected to Danny, probably what happened to Kevin.

  3. I think this is the guy who gave up the game-winning HR to Avila, isn’t it? Not that I don’t like the move.

    If Valverde is on the 40-man, you’d figure he’s the guy to come off, no?

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