Game 2013.94: Rangers at Tigers

51-42, 1st place, 1.5 games ahead of Cleveland.

OK, that didn’t go so well. I look at it as Scherzer losing 4-1, let down considerably by his teammates. (Is Alburquerque even worth mentioning? No.) The bright spots would seem to be Phil Coke (the inevitable response to being singled out for criticism in a game post – guess we need to keep it up, guys) and an RBI from Hernan Perez. Not much to write home about, as they say. Still a good chance for a series win, especially with Justin the (Ahem) Infallible on the mound.

So where were we at this time (Game 93) last year? It was after the break, and the Tigers were 49-44 (2nd place, 1.5 back of the Wrong Sox) and in the midst of the incredible 13-2 run that put them back on the map. Max Scherzer had just gone to 9-5 (with 4.61 ERA) by shutting down the Angels as Detroit took the home series 3-1 despite one 13-0 drubbing. Quintin Berry was doing an admirable job of filling in for Andy Dirks, as he had doing the same for Austin Jackson. Who could have known Miguel Cabrera was headed for a Triple Crown with such paltry (ha ha) stats as .326, 21 HR, 76 RBI? DH Delmon Young was sitting at .270, 10 HR, 40 RBI, and Alex Avila at .245, 6 HR, 27 RBI, and both were undoubtedly being groused about (who knew?). 2B was being (under)manned by Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth; ironically, at this time there was also no Omar Infante but soon would be.

Does it not strain belief that the 2013 Tigers are only 2 games up on the 2012 Tigers? With the best starting rotation in the AL?? With Torii Hunter in place of Brennan Boesch? With Miguel Greenberg and Hank Cabrera both in the lineup in one person? With Victor Martinez in place of Delmon Young? I can think of only one solution:

Bring Valverde back. One thing I can tell you: He’s done it before, and he’s not afraid.

Mwah ha ha ha ha.

Today’s “Here There Be Tygers” lineup:

CF Jackson
RF Hunter
3B Cabrera
1B Fielder
DH Martinez
SS Peralta
LF Tuiasosopo
C Avila
2B Perez

48 thoughts on “Game 2013.94: Rangers at Tigers”

  1. Why today is a must win:

    1) We gotta win series.

    2) We gotta win series at home.

    3) Other than the Atl series, I can’t remember that many good series wins all year. We have to beat elite competition. Especially at home.

    4) I don’t want to go I to the AS break having lost a series at home. It will (superficially) ruin the break for me.

    5) JV needs a W going into the break. And we need JV to get that W.

    1. It appears we can thank Mr. Verlaner for granting all of your wishes! On to KC and the Windy City!

  2. The Tigers have lost 3 of the last 4 home series. Last series win was against the Red Sox
    June 23.

  3. JV gets to a 1-2 count on 3 fastballs, then throws only 1 fastball in the next five pitches to Martin. Result is a walk. #puzzled

  4. Sorry guys, Perez isn’t that “spark” we’ve all been hearing about. Not that we need it today, just sayin’.

    1. True. Reminds me a bit of Kevin Russo. And yet…

      He has played plenty of SS. Not necessarily fantastically, but subtracting a negative is a kind of positive in itself. I’m done with Santiago.

  5. A one-hitter is perfectly acceptable as long as he doesn’t have to throw 150 pitches to get it. Otherwise Benoit and/or Smyly in the 9th.

    By the way, does Benoit have a nickname? All closers have to have an nickname, right?

    1. His nickname was Long Ball for a while. Then it was Walkin’ Benoit. Time for a new one, maybe.

        1. Joaquin “Le Final Vote” Benoit, maybe?

          It is kind of a hockey name, now that you mention it.

          1. The new nickname should have something to do with how unbearably slow he is or his distracting eyebrows. Or maybe with the “Vulcan changeup” he features.

            “Mr. Spock” Benoit? “Caterpillar-forehead” Benoit? “Tortuga” Benoit?

  6. would have never said this the last two years but we are really going to miss Peralta if the suspensons come down……but that being said maybe his resurgence has come about cause he was cheating?!?!?

  7. unless DD pulls a blockbuster, which he is very capable of doing, SS options are thin….it better not be Mumbles other son Rammon!

  8. I have to say something about the Windows 8 commercial I’m being inundated with. Not real plausible that scouts would be sent to watch a prospect just to stand there on the field with notebook computers and field statistical questions like “How many strikeouts?” and “What’s his ERA?” Dumb. Apple marketing people, take note.

  9. the Indians aren’t going away even though they are winning with smoke and mirrors, and a very good manager. We cannot afford an automatic out at SS, especially with Avila returning to that role

  10. Verlander had a plan today, and it worked. It’s not like he was traditionally dominant. This was the game that could have been against the White Sox and Quintana.

      1. Good point. I should qualify that it was a plan easily discerned by the layman, and not a plan typically identified with JV until this season (I believe).

  11. Jim and Dan report the Tigers have signed Jeremy Bonderman to a minor league contract.

  12. Prediction…..Bondo is the closer for the Tigers in game 7 of the October/November WS?

  13. A strained right leg muscle is reported on Verlander. Has this been an on-going issue?

  14. this just in the Tigers did NOT also offer Neffi Perez and Jacque Jones…minor league contracts….

  15. Tigers outscore ranges 13-9 in the series. Enjoy the break guys! See you Friday.

  16. Great series win today. Especially on a day when JV didn’t have his good stuff. Rangers hit him hard today, but as we’ve discussed, that BABIP against has gotta come down.

    1. You know what the bride calls the All Star break? The 3 best days of the season! See you all Friday!

  17. It’s nice to see in the All-Star Game lineup Leyland sticks with the all-important R-L-R-L alternating thing.

    1. Actually, I find it interesting that very frequently when a high-priced player comes up in trade rumors, the Tigers are mentioned as a “possible” interested party – Papelbon comes immediately to mind and Garza is another one lately. I guess that Illitch’s profligacy in the recent past encourages the mongers to expect more spending like there is no tomorrow from our octogenarian owner.

      I chose the wrong career and instead should have become a sportswriter. These guys get paid good money to make stuff up, and the fandom just cries out for more.

  18. Palin was insulted because Ellen’s character has down syndrome, just like Palin’s youngest
    child, Trig. My first GIF posted on Tumblr is 523KB. Kim Possible airs on
    Disney Channel.

    1. I was trying to think of what I could post to sum up my feelings for last night’s game. That post nails it.

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