Game 2013.52: Tigers at Pirates

29-22, 1st place, 1.5 games up on Cle.

Last night’s game was playing out rather nicely until Sanchez took a sharp detour in the 7th that resulted in a 4 run frame for the Pirates, and a 5-3 loss for the Tigers. The Tigers now find themselves in peril of the dreaded 1-3 series, or a mini-sweep, depending on how you look at it.

Fister looks to right the ship tonight for the Tigers, and himself. Since beginning the season 4-0, he’s 1-2 in this last 5 starts (the Tigers are 2-3) with a 5.20 ERA and 1.59 WHIP. He’s only walking 1.46 /9, so that’s a lot of base hits (and hit batters).


A few notes:

– Despite the two game skid, the Tigers are second best among all MLB teams in interleague play since 2006, with an 85-49 record.

– Hunter is out of the lineup, which will give him 3 days off for his swollen left elbow. Remember that he’s headed to my neck of the woods for his son’s HS graduation this weekend.

– Some fun with Miggy: Cabrera is tied for the major league lead in hits with 77, and leads the majors in RBI with 59 and average at .368. His 59 RBI are the most by a Tiger since 1916 (that’s as far back as we can remember; he’s tied with Hank Greenberg). Miggy has 11 HR and 31 RBI…in May. Big Cec had 11 HR in May of 1995.  The 31 RBI in a May are the most since D _ _ _ _ _       _ _ S _ _ _ had 34 in May of 1998.

–  Three game set at Baltimore starting tomorrow.

Tonight’s Where’s Austin? Lineup:

1. Infante, 2B
2. Dirks, RF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Peralta, SS
6. Tuiasosopo, LF
7. Pena, C
8. Garcia, CF
9. Fister, P


29 thoughts on “Game 2013.52: Tigers at Pirates”

  1. I remember screaming at the tv last season because Lamont was not aggressive enough in sending runners home. This year I find myself screaming at the tv because Brookens is sending everybody home and they are getting thrown out.

    1. Tui is too slow a runner and the hit wasn’t deep enough to send the runner. I don’t understand why Brookens couldn’t see what everyone else saw?

    2. Are you sure we were watching the same season? So many guys got thrown out at home last year thanks to Lamont that Leyland had to come to his defense.

        1. Without the absolutely perfect throw from Snider, Tui is safe. He’s not THAT slow. Good, aggressive call, given the game situation. The decision *not* to send him could just as easily have been viewed as bone-headed later, or as soon as when Fister (subjunctively speaking) grounded into the 5-4-3.

  2. Brookens must be getting some coaching from Lamont. He might have thrown away the chance of a big inning by sending Tui.

      1. He made a slight gesture arguing the called third strike.

        Home plate ump seemed to have a very generous to the pitcher inside strike zone on the RHBs.

  3. Goodness this is maddening.

    In other news – anyone watching Mia/Indy? How does Chris Anderson get to stay in the game after that?

  4. I don’t understand why Fielder doesn’t lay down a bunt down the third base line when the put the pronounced shift on him? They would not use the shift if he were to get a few bunt hits!

    1. He doesn’t know how to bunt. I’m sure of it. And I don’t want him to bunt.

      1. Me, either. He can hit the ball to the left side very purposefully when he gets a good pitch for it. He’s just choosy.

  5. So, off to Charm City… I decided to track what I have always considered the most important stat, the W/L ratio, and have been marking up my Miggy 2013 schedule. In April the ball club was 15 up and 11 down, and with one day left in May, the tally stands at 14-12, so tomorrow we change 1 of those digits. I was surprised to see the Pirates are 14 games over .500, that is impressive for a team not deep in superstar talent, and I am glad we won’t see them anymore. Losing streak ends tomorrow!

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