Game 2013.22: Braves at Tigers

11-10, 2nd place, 1 game behind KC.

(traveling today, gonna be quick here, more on AS tomorrow)

Unbelievable. I didn’t get to watch the game live. But I’ve watched the K by K video a handful of times to the point where I shout on #17 just like Sanchez.

A few notes other than the obvious one that Sanchez was historically awesome last night.

– The Tigers pounded a lefty. Demolished him really.

– The Tigers had 5 XBH (4 doubles and a HR) for a .579 slugging.

– Tigers were 6-15 with RISP.

– This warm and fuzzy feeling could go away very quickly in a few hours.

If someone could please post the lineup when it is up I would appreciate it.