DTW News and Notes 4-14-13

A few notes to get you through the off-day.

Interesting Numbers:

1: number of errors thus far by the Tigers (Scherzer’s missed pickoff, which may have cost us a W)

1: number of hits by a right-handed hitter off of Anibal Sanchez this season.

5: number of saves by Jason Grilli this year. Here is his line this year: 6 games, 5 2/3 IP, 3 hits, 7 Ks, 0.00 ERA 1.06 WHIP. The Tigers pen is posting a chunky 5.59 ERA with 2 saves, 3 blown saves, and a 1.54 WHIP.

17: number of runs scored by AJax, tops in the Majors. Cabrera is 4th with 12.

19: Number of RBI by Fielder, tied for tops in the Majors. Cabrera is 4th wih 13.

.307: Tigers team BA. OPS is .796, behind the Yankees (.816) and A’s (.808 – imagine what it was on Friday). Lee Panas explains the low-ish OPS here.

1.361: 2nd-best OPS in the Majors, owned by Fielder. But he’s not even the top 1B in the AL…(Chris Davis – 1.362).


– Rondon has allowed 1 hit, walked 2 and struck out 3 in 4 scoreless innings thus far this year.

– Valverde has really ingratiated himself with his Lakeland teammates.


  1. The Strategy Expert

    April 15, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Also Lee over at Detroit Tiger Tales is having a contest to win the new Mark Fydrich biography if you want to get some predictions in before the series and the contest start tomorrow!

  2. Vince in MN

    April 15, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Coming to a Tiger bullpen near you:

    Just saw this on Beck’s blog as he discusses Valverde’s latest ST outing.

    “Valverde has an opt-out clause in his contract that he could exercise if he’s not in the Majors by May 5.”