Game 2012.123: Blue Jays at Tigers

65-57, 2nd place, 2 games behind CWS, 1.5 games behind WC.

Kind of a disappointing win last night, if such a thing exists. The Tigers were spectacular in their inability to exploit a Dontrelle-esque start by a terrible RISP display. The Tigers are now 6-43 over the past week in RISP situations.

Sanchez has had his struggles since joining the Tigers. He’s had 1 okay game, and 3 bad ones, resulting in a 1-3 record and 2.12 WHIP as a Tiger. He has not yet reached the 7th inning, and has failed to get out of the 6th in 2 out of the four starts. His Miami WHIP this year is 1.26, so he’s got the stuff. The biggest issue is his lack of Ks – his K rate is down to 5.76/9 as a Tiger from 8.18/9. He needs to stop listening to the “too many strikeouts” mandate coming from the dugout. (If you’re interested, the two BIG pitching moves at the deadline haven’s fared much better from a performance standpoint – Dempster is now 2-1, 6.04 as a Ranger, with the club 3-1 in his starts, while Greinke is 1-2, 6.19 in his five, with Los Angeles 1-4 when he pitches).

Some runs would be nice, as Sanchez is only getting 3.31 runs per start across both Detroit and Miami this year.

In other news, Smyly was pulled after one inning in Toledo last night as a contingency in the event that Fister can’t pitch on Saturday. Fister is still on the ever crowded “day-to-day” list.

A few notes:

– Jackson rakes against Tor – batting .400 with 8 XBH in 18 games since 2010.

– The first Blue Jay to go down swinging (or looking) will be the 1,000 Tiger K this year, the 13th time that has happened in club history.

– A Valverde save tonight would mark his 100th, which means that all of our hearts are that much weaker.

Bartolo Colon joins Melky Cabrera on the early golf circuit.

Today’s Al Have Another Lineup:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Infante, 2B
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Peralta, SS
6. Young, DH
7. Dirks, LF
8. Baker, RF
9. Avila, C

23 thoughts on “Game 2012.123: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. The Tiger individual player stats are some of the best in the league, and if you didn’t know any better, you would think that they were comfortably in first place, if not at least IN first place ….. WHY aren’t they?

    1. if it were my call, i would not bring back JL and his coaching staff if they don’t make the playoffs; but its clearly not…so, its possible that both could happen, DET fails to make the playoffs and JL & company all return, because as it has been pointed out here before, Illich loves DD, who love JL…who loves Lamont, etc…

    2. 25 Individual players do not a team make; something DD probably (and Leyland for sure) doesn’t understand. Just look at how this team is constructed: sure you have some superstars, but where is the support: players playing out of position (e.g. Cabrera should be at 1B, Fielder at DH), too many DH types to begin with, and a crappy bench – just for starters. I don’t blame the players, I think they really try their best, but in the end they are poorly served and a reflection of the dunderheaded suits and coaching staff above them.

  2. they don’t try and steal…they don’t hit and run …I bet Mumbles actually wonders why they have hit into 121 DPs…….his answer will be :”Thats just baseball”.

    1. Mumbles doesn’t know how many DPs they have hit into – guaranteed. Remember, he thinks OBP is over-rated and that “guys who can knock em in” is what’s important.

      All you can say is “Huh?”

  3. Pitching error! Sanchez has only been here, what a month? Is it the water in the dugout or what?

  4. runners on first and third and the mighty trio of Peralta, Young, and Avila coming up… I would send Prince and hope for an overthrow..that has a better chance than a RBI by any of those three…

  5. those runners keep stealing second base and Mumbles turns to McClendon and asks…”is that legal?” McClendon says “Huh!””

  6. Whatever happened to Berry and his bunting practice? Or don’t they do that at the ML level anymore.

  7. I just woke back up did anything happen in the last few innings?????… how can anyone be expected to stay awake thru this stuff???

  8. Credit where it’s due from me, Sanchez threw better today against his nemesis this year. (he’d been rocked by TOR twice). Glad to get a win whatever way it comes. Unfortunately, Stankees are busy trailing 2-1 in Chitown last half of that game. If Chisox sweep, it would be a major blow to us considering the opponent.

  9. Good stuff. A few comments.

    1) When I went to the Tigers/Rangers opener two weeks ago, both my cousin and the guys behind me noted how awesome the Tigers’ lineup was based on the lineup order & BA that they show on the jumbotron. At that time Infante was over .300. so the casual observer, the lineup looked stacked (Jackson, Infante, Cabrera, Fielder, Dirks).

    2) Valverde over-reacted just a tad when ducking out of the way for the Avila throw.

    3) Really enjoyed Jud’s comment about sending Fielder and hoping for an E. Bravo.

    4) I am still astonished that the best baserunners on the team are Cabrera and Laird (meaning, the organization doesn’t teach the young guys), and why we are so bad at the fundamentals (hitting the cutoff, bunting, pitcher’s fielding, etc.). I watch a lot of Rangers baseball, they don’t have these problems.

  10. Now pitching for the Miami Marlins : Jacob Turner… Ozzie (aka Red Azs) says he likes him, poise, composure… maybe Showtime should keep that Franchise Show for another week or two

  11. And back pitching for the Detroit Tigers: Drew Smyly, who will be taking Fister’s Saturday spot. No word who on who is going down (Putty?)

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