Game 2012.122: Blue Jays at Tigers

67-54, 2nd place, 2 games behind CWS, 1.5 games behind WC.

Scherzer had his best start of the season last time out, allowing only 4 hits and 2 walks over 7 innings. That was only the second time all season that Max did not allow a run. Scherzer has been good at home as of late, posting  4-1 record with a 2.78 ERA and 63 Ks over his last 7 starts. Fortunately Bautista is on the shelf (6-11 v. Scherzer), but look out for Yunel Escobar…yes, Escobar (11-23 with a HR).

Romero has followed up his brilliant 2011 campaign with a rather poor year. His 2012 WHIP is 1.52, which is off his career mark of 1.35, and his 2012 ERA is 5.53. He’s struggled mightily over his last 10, posting an 0-9 record, 7.62 ERA, and 1.84 WHIP. Cabrera, Laird, Santiago (not in the lineup) and DY are all .375+ in their career vs. Romero. Well, so is Avila, who hit a HR in his only at-bat against the lefty. I’m certain that he’ll shut the Tigers down now.

Not much time today, but a few notes of interest:

– Fister is day-to-day with a groin issue.
– With 7 Ks tonight, Scherzer will set a career high. Is 7 too many?
– Raburn is back in Toledo.
– Oh, and how about that Melky Cabrera story? You know, if Melky Cabrera gets an out in the 1st, JV doesn’t register the worst All Star game start in history.

Tonight’s Another Lefty Lineup:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Infante, 2B
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Peralta, SS
6. Young, DH
7. Baker, RF
8. Dirks, LF
9. Laird, C

12 thoughts on “Game 2012.122: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. Unlike too many strikeouts, too many walks is a problem.

    Also, meant to post this earlier – Romero’s 2012 K/9 – 6.25. 2011 – 7.12. Career – 7.04

    2012 BB/9 – 4.75. 2011 – 3.2. Career – 3.78.

  2. this isn’t a team at all they are just nine individuals just doing their own thing…no carry team work..nothing..and they have a 3 -2 lead and I am disgusted ………this team sucks!

  3. Leyland says chemistry counts for nothing. Well last year with Martinez in the lineup you had a team and it played like a had great chemistry…..this year, your right Mumbles, you got nothin!!!

  4. once again, the Tigers refuse to deal the knockout blow – this game should’ve been over a long time ago……it’s only 4-1 now, should be 8 or 9-1

  5. lets see since moving into the 5 spot Peralta has a 3 run dinger and has stranded 17…Glad that problem is solved

  6. We have turned what should have been a blowout into a nail-biter and this is another game that shows that the Tigers do not have what it takes to make it to the playoffs.

  7. Yuka just hit a GS for CWS to take a 6-2 lead… figures, the one time i pull for the Yankees to win…and they get handled by the cws

  8. Max is doing his thing. Really with JV,Fister and Max, the Tigers have a trio to do damage in any series, but the major caveat…they have to be on and healthy…and we have to hit. Tough to see us doing all of those often enough to get in/and or make a run. Meanwhile, the f’ing Sox keep winning when we do. Taking down NYY 2 in a row despite trailing in both. Damn.

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