Game 2012.121: Orioles at Tigers

64-56, 2nd place, 1.5 games behind CWS, 1 game behind WC.

Well, that stunk. The Tigers were completely shut down by the worst starting pitcher (statistically) that they’ve seen all season. Now, Britton was pretty good as a rookie last year, and is well thought of around Baltimore (he’s only 24), but they simply let him off the hook early with bad swings in crucial situations. 1-9 RISP pretty much says it all.

But they still have a great shot to win the series, and winning series is how you win the division.

Fister looks to save the series this afternoon against Lefty Wei–Yin Chen (not Tiger killer Bruce Chen). You could look back to the Fister start against Baltimore on July 13th as the one that got him going. He limited the Orioles to 1 run on 3 hits in 7 IPs, and that kicked off 7 straight quality starts, a 1.52 ERA and a .86 WHIP since then. Yes, .86.

Chen is the 2nd of 5 straight lefties that the Tigers are slated to face.

Hopefully AJax’s two hits yesterday will get him going…he’s batting .208 over his last 10.

A few notes:

VMart’s not coming back this year.

– I still can’t believe that our DH’s OPS is .698. He’s the designated hitter.

Today’s Berry Interesting Lineup:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Infante, 2B
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Peralta, SS
6. Young, DH
7. Baker, RF
8. Laird, C
9. Berry, LF

19 thoughts on “Game 2012.121: Orioles at Tigers”

  1. Now that’s the way to start a game. This is not Cy Chen. And it was going so well for him after the first batter…

    1. Looked like Infante had trouble getting it out of his glove. Either way, it was a mistake.

  2. What can you say …… get 5 runs in the first ….. then give up 7 runs in the next few innings.

  3. My cousin from Sweden is watching the game on Internet and wanted to know if Putkoen is from Finland? No, just Toledo!

  4. Miggy???????? three identical pitches . I am pretty sure he will call the third one a strike after calling the first two in that exact spot

  5. This team does not have what it takes to win in the playoffs. They give away too many games and with Sanchez giving away a game every five they will not even make it to the playoffs.

    1. tip of the hat to the Royals for helping us out the past two days….but, I agree this team is not showing signs of being able to contend in October.

      I’d say it’s 50/50 as to whether they make it or not (a disappointment based on pre-season expectations, but Chicago is much better than most thought), but much longer odds on them going deep in the playoffs.

      Then again, St Louis has proved a couple of times that you just need to get in and get hot

      1. To both of you, Rule – I feel the same way. This has been a see-saw year and the team just can’t seem to put it together. DD has been his usual desperate self in putting together a team, but still clogged with inconsistencies. When will people take notice of Avila not putting it together? His yo-yoing years alternating between good/bad are troubling. William – I would agree as well. I think we can make playoffs, but we don’t appear to have a deep run in us if we even get there. Yes, St.L has given all teams hope, but I don’t see us beating Texas truly, let alone some of the lower echelon playoff teams. NYY we can, we have proven that. We’ll see…

  6. JL’s paycheck should have been forwarded to KC Mgr Ned Yost this week in appreciation of their sweep of the CWS. Big difference in being 1 1/2 back rather than 4 1/2 back in late August.

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