Game 2012.117: Tigers at Twins

Detroit Tigers, 61-55, 2nd place, 2 back.

Well, as expected the Tigers couldn’t manage much against Cy Deduno.  Deduno’s flaw is that he can’t find the strike zone, but against Detroit that is not a flaw, but a feature. I wish we had been keeping a tally of how many times in the pre-game we have noted a pitcher with control problems, only to watch the Tiger hitters struggle (the two pitchers with the highest walk ratio in the AL, Ubaldo Jimenez and Yu Darvish, have victimized them multiple times).

Not that it mattered:  Sanchez was Horibal, Coke has lost his fizz, and the Twins pounded Detroit for 18 hits and 9 runs.

Duane Below was scapegoated to Toledo after the game. The Tigers have recalled ol’ Putty, RHP Luke Putkonen.

The Tigers now have an actual losing streak going (3 games), which is something not recommended for pennant chases. Time to bring the Fist down on the Twins.


As if things aren’t bad enough, on ESPN’s injury report is listed “Justin Verlander SP – Aug 12: Day-To-Day.” What’s that all about?


Stat of the Day: Everyone loves Twins! Well, not Doug Fister. He is a career 1-6, 4.36 against Minnesota.

Today’s Player of the Pre-game:  Jhonny Peralta.  A bit of a surprise choice. Peralta was the one Tiger who was having none of what Cy Deduno offered last night–he took two walks and doubled.  And hey, look at that! He gets the troublesome 5th spot tonight.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Omar Infante 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta SS
  6. Delmon Young DH
  7. Jeff Baker RF
  8. Andy Dirks LF
  9. Gerald Laird C

23 thoughts on “Game 2012.117: Tigers at Twins”

  1. How long will the Tigers stay above .500? pitching has been a problem obvious since the ALCS against Texas last year. Nothing done about it in the off season and we have seen the results. The tepid bats and all the rest of the problems…well, 215M doesn’t buy a whole team even though Fielder has lived up to his end.

  2. DET/JL’s strategy of waiting for the CWS to implode is a risky one…though it has proven effective regarding CLE, MIN & KC…

    Remember, outside of the 2011 stellar 2nd half finish (46-24) by DET, no other JL managed DET team has finished with a better than .500 2nd half record. 2006: 36-38; 2007: 36-40; 2008: 27-41; 2009: 38-38, 2010: 33-43… so far this yr, 2nd half = 17-13

  3. Mumbled fills out that line up everyday and mutters to himself…Can’t wait to get Rayburn back to get him going to fix fhis lineup

  4. Three errors leading to four runs and a four run lead is gone just like that. This team just can’t get it together on the road…

  5. so the Tigers insist on trying to lose this game…….they gain a 4-0 lead, then Bozo + Co. show up to piss it all away. amazing how the Twinkies can score 4 runs when given 6 outs……baseball’s funny about that.

  6. I tried to enter the Tigers into the National Kickball League but we got turned down . I had to list their Fielding % and they don’t meet the minimum.

  7. Lamont is a f$%@#$ idiot ….. he sends the slowest runner on the team coming from second after a single to short right field …… does he ever think or even can he!!!

  8. When was the last time you saw the number 8 hitter on a team walked intentionally 2 times in a row? Perhaps dirks is our 5th hitter but don’t tell leyland. Let him figure it out himself.

  9. when asked why Dirks cannot bat 5th Mumbles..mumbled why would I do that..that would put two LH hitters in arow…you must be as stupid as all those guys on DTWB..they don’t know baseball either….thats all from Mumbles..too hard to put quoutes using my phone

  10. We need Prince to get involved in the offense again. Kind of feels like a big hole has been there since Saturday. Cabrera won’t get anything to hit tomorrow until Prince re-engages himself at the plate.

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