Game 2012.99: Indians at Tigers

Detroit Tigers, 53-45, 1st place, tied.

Where did Mysterious Max go? Max Scherzer is looking downright consistent these days, and he racked up a W in his 4th consecutive decision. He held the Indians to 3 hits and struck out too many (8), and now has 35 Ks in his last 32 innings.

Quintin Berry had a big night at the plate, going 3-for-4 with a walk, and knocking in 2.  Quintin credits his hitting ability to…bunting practice.  

Berry’s continued success gives the Tigers a very interesting problem in the outfield.  With Dirks finally on his rehab path, there will be a body too many on the Outfield section of the roster.  If it seems obvious Raburn must go, remember that Berry, Boesch, Dirks, and Kelly are all lefties.  Considering that Leyland loves the RH/LH platoon, there is a good chance that we will be gnashing our teeth over Raburn for a while.


Tonight Detroit has a chance to win its 3rd consecutive post-break series.  A very good chance, since Justin Verlander takes the mound.  Also a very good chance for another too-many-strikeouts night.  That is if they play–looking like a good possibility of at least a delay tonight.

Meanwhile, in Indian news, the Player Previously Known As Fausto Carmona begins his career as Roberto Hernandez with a rehab assignment (“rehab” for identity fraud?) against the West Michigan Whitecaps.

Stat of the Day: Since the break, Detroit starters are 8-2, 3.46 ERA, with a 1.077 WHIP

Today’s Player of the Pre-game: Joaquin Benoit.  He may not be needed with Verlander on the mound, but he’ll be in the bullpen enjoying his birthday.

Today’s Infantiago Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Quintin Berry LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Delmon Young DH
  6. Brennan Boesch RF
  7. Alex Avila C
  8. Ramon Santiago SS
  9. Omar Infante 2B

22 thoughts on “Game 2012.99: Indians at Tigers”

  1. Well, considering that both Kelly and Raburn have combined for 2 HRs and 19 BIs, I could personally do without both of them (bring back Perez or call up Garcia? if not Worth), but one of them will surely remain (the dirtiest uniform wins?) and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Smokey doesn’t conjure up some way to keep them both on the roster.

    1. He’ll probably send down Berry citing that Berry bunts too much and it’s confusing everyone else on the team, namely Gene Lamont.

  2. can’t believe Acta left Mcallister in to pitch against Berry – seeing as he was up to 112 pitches when Berry came to the plate – and Berry hits poorly against lefties. Acta got greedy, hope Cabrera a/o Fielder makes them pay.

  3. back-to-back! ouch! CLE have been aggressive the whole game… and i think JV was watching his pitch count – thinking complete game.

  4. Quite an unexpected reversal of fortune there…very un-JV like. With CLE’s bullpen, I don’t like where this game is heading.

  5. This game stinks…Had a real good opportunity to go up on Chicago again, instead Cleveland apparently still has the Tigers number this year, which doesn’t make any sense…

    And I think someone needs to talk to Infante. I think he left his batting average in Miami…

  6. Santiago’s two back to back blown plays at short didn’t help and just when our hitting starts to heat up we now have infante to cool things off going 0 for 9 in his last at bats.

  7. Something wasn’t right about JV from the start today. He looked really low energy and his body language wasn’t good. He was getting hit hard early on and I was honestly surprised the Indians didn’t get to him sooner. Maybe he’s sick or something. Oh well. Back on the horse tomorrow, boys!

    1. Agree….Verlander didn’t look 100% from the start. He was throwing first pitch strikes and later in the game it appears Cleveland purposely went out and successfully swung at them. Later Verlander had a “deer in the headlights” look. However such an experience may be of much help and value for the Aug and Sept run.

      Meanwhile will Raburn soon leave for Dirks?

      1. PS for Kevin in Dallas: We tried to get tickets for the Tigers v. Rangers series on 10-12AUG12 and there are very few and no good seats left. As a result, we have deferred going to this series and will hit the Royals v. Tigers series on 27-29UG12. Inasmuch, I won’t see you at the Arlington ballpark.

        1. Bummer, but I understand. I’ll save the beers for next season. I’ve got tix already for the 10th, we’ll see about the next 2 nights.

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