Game 2012.49: Tigers at Red Sox

23-25, third place, 4 games behind Cle.

A missed strike three on a foul tip that was caught cleanly, but ruled to have hit the dirt first, gave the Red Sox an extra strike and 3 extra runs in the 2nd inning yesterday, and though Doug Fister will never admit it, you can’t help but wonder how different the game could have been. The margin of victory was, after all, 3 runs. I can’t see what the Boston press is writing about the call, but it seems that even they know the call was bogus. Leyland knew it from the time he left to dugout on his way to his 2nd ejection in a week, but his post game interview left me wondering why he’s so anxious for everyone else to address the problem other than him. His anger towards the media makes me think that the Raburn articles are getting to him; and perhaps he’s batting Raburn 2nd in an effort to prove everybody wrong. I know that it sounds ridiculous, but watch the video and tell me what you think.

As for the umpiring, Leyland is on to something. The blown call yesterday was made by Bill Welke at 1B. That name may sound familiar, because his brother Tim Welke missed a bunt by Alberto Gonzalez of the Rangers that hit him in the field of play in the 10th inning on April 22nd, and led to another Tigers’ loss (Tim Welke also had the blown call of the year when Todd Helton was 2 feet off the bag in early May). Throw in the missed balk in Cleveland last weekend, and the Tigers umps really have our number. I don’t remember umpiring being this bad in the good ol’ days, but then again, there has never been so much scrutiny on the game in terms of camera angles and coverage.

Fister fell to 0-3 and saw his ERA go up to 3.16 (after yesterday’s poor outing). Prior to the game Jeff Jones gave a little insight on Fister, Smyly and Porcello. Berry only had 1 hit yesterday, but he has hit safely in 6 games to start his Tigers career, something no one else has done since 1918. Leyland likes the spark he’s given the team, but said “don’t get crazy” thinking about possibilities for Berry, presumably once Jackson gets back.

JV is on the hill tonight looking for a little more run support this time than the 1 run he was given last time out. A complete game tonight would give JV three straight, something he’s never done in his career.  JV’s lost to the Indians last week was his first following a Tigers loss in some time…according to Elias “Verlander (had been) 12-0 over his previous 13 starts that immediately followed a Tigers defeat, including a 4-0 mark in five previous starts under those circumstances this season.” That’s incredible. He’s got a chance to start a new streak tonight. JV is 3-2 with a 2.78 ERA covering 8 starts in his career against the Red Sox.

A few bits of good news…The bullpen has a 1.00 ERA since May 17th covering 27 IPs. Fielder is starting to rake, hitting .429 with a 1.089 OPS over the past two weeks.

Other notes:

– I’m starting to get a little nervous about the CWS. Sale looks to be the real deal.
– Rumor is that Jackson will be back for the Yankees series, hopefully for the opener on Friday. Jeff Riger says Berry must remain on the roster, and Chris Iott predicts that Raburn will be sent down since Kelly is out of options, yet Raburn has one remaining.
– We’ve been talking a lot about bringing up Justin Henry to play 2B, but keep an eye on Castellanos, who is tearing up Lakeland to the tune of a .414 BA and 1.030 OPS. They’re not going to bring him up any time soon (likely not this year), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get promoted in a month or so and then start taking some balls at 2B.
– Kurt Mensching of and writes today that fans should be leery of firing Jim Leyland.
– Ordonez will officially announce his retirement on Sunday at CoPa.
– Verlander’s parents are releasing a book on how to raise a child who will star in commercials with the likes of Kate Upton. Book signing coming your way soon.


Today’s Lineup:

1. Berry, CF
2. Dirks, LF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH
6. Boesch, RF
7. Peralta, SS
8. Avila, C
9. Santiago, 2B

Some last minute notes from the Freep: Leyland said a few hours ago that Raburn is on a “short leash” and Young was originally out of the lineup b/c his travel to and from New York for his court appearance; thank goodness for modern travel.

35 thoughts on “Game 2012.49: Tigers at Red Sox”

  1. The shortness of the leash is proportionate to the length of the leash, which has been extremely loooooong in Raburn’s case. I thought he must have been out of options – why oh why has he been on the roster THIS long.

    Castellanos will not be up this year, nor taking balls at 2B IMHO. Henry maybe if they really start to panic.

  2. Kevin is in no way responsible for the game post pic. But I’ve always found a mild resemblance between Verlander and Shakespeare, and the opposing pitcher is named Bard, and….well it couldn’t be helped.

  3. Other than Raburn, who is in a category entirely his own, Peralta may be the Tiger LVP so far.

  4. This gem from the MLB Gameday Scout – Bard’s BAA goes from ~.235 to ~.290 after 45 pitches, which was reached during the Fielder AB.

  5. I know it’s frustrating, but realize that the Tigers trail the Orioles and Twins in GIDP.

  6. The Red Sox have such a better approach to hitting. They make the opposing pitcher work, we just hope we run into one. They just work and work for a good pitch and are bombing JV, we can’t hit anybody but AAAA pitchers…It’s either personnel or any event, This team is not good and they will not be good until they do more then say “we will be good” No you won’t be good, if every game you give away about 4-5 innings w/ pathetic at-bats. They win if Cabby and Fielder come through, if those guys fail…then they lose. The table setters have consistently been on base ALL SEASON. The 5 and 6 hitter have been so bad at driving in runs, that it puts the entire burden on Cabby and Fielder. This team sucks.

  7. You knew that JV was going to have a bad game sooner or later ….. and our bats are not working good enough to bail him out.

  8. There is our customary solo homer on our way to a 5-2 defeat. I am calling one more solo shot.

  9. There it is. That at bat by Cabrera is why they are not very good this year. That was not even close to a strike, but, Miggy and the rest of these guys are presssing. take the walk and let the noose get tight around Bard’s neck…instead Jim will give us a “that’s baseball” No. That was a perrenial MVP candiate watching otugh pitch after tough pitch, then at the moment of truth, he chokes…Cabrera is a great hitter,but, he gets 3 at bats a game w/ Runners on base…He should be right w/ Hamilton as far as RBIs are concerned…I wish Nava would have had that bad of an at bat against JV. It is not rocket science…if your best hitters continue to that BS on a consistent basis in scoring opportunities…You will lose, Bard was scared threw a pitch that NEVER EVEN LOOKED LIKE A STRIKE and Cabby flailed away like Inge or Raburn. Call it for what it is….a 2008 or 2009 style choke job.

  10. JV is getting bombed, put this game to bed. Boston would win the Central and they may finish last in the East.

  11. Ryan is a Mudburn!
    And they bring up Santos?? I guess Laird is too valuable as a pinch-runner to waste as a backup catcher.

      1. Team with the most catchers wins? (since Kelly was on the depth charts as 3rd string catcher, we have 4 now).

        1. You could argue that while Inge was on the roster early in the season, they actually had 5, because I think Raburn was also an emergency emergency emergency possibility. Or maybe he just volunteered but they never took him up on it, but I remember the idea was flaoted around a bit.

    1. Brilliant move. I would never have thought of that! Replacing a .140 hitter with another potential .140 hitter, with the great advantage of Santos being that he doesn’t play secondbase, is a stroke of genius. But he does catch which alows Laird to DH so that Young can play LF.

      And by the way, there is no Ryan Rayburn on the Tigers roster.

  12. Octant believe there was not a single comment about the Strikespeare game post pic. OMG, we need better posters here please.

    1. I’m guessing your average Tiger fan doesn’t kow who Strikespeare is. As for myself, I thought the game post pic was of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, who bowled a nasty game of cricket in his day.

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