Game 2012.38: Twins at Tigers

18-19, 2nd place, 3 games behind Cle.

Since April 17, the Tigers have won 10 and lost 16. They have played on every single day after they have won a game, and they have lost every game after a win in that stretch. It’s been pretty bad. The bullpen has been horrendous. Here are some team bullpen stats: ERA – 5.17, worst in the majors; WHIP – 1.54, 2nd to worst in the majors; BAA – .270, 25th; OPS against – .354, 2nd to worst in the majors. For all of the concerns about the offense, the Tigers are middle of the pack in the AL for most offensive categories (in spite of the 2B and DH holes). But the bullpen is the major culprit right now. You can get out and talk to a few of the relievers about it in person after the game tonight.

Doug Fister takes the mound today still searching for his first win, despite only having allowed 1 ER in 16 2/3 IP (20 2/3 if you include Toledo). Fister hasn’t allowed a run at Comerica since last August.

A few notes:

– Villareal was recalled today and Worth was sent down to Toledo. Look for Villareal to appear in the first high pressure situation that arises.
– If the Tigers lose two more in a row, Leyland’s career winning pct will be exactly .500 (he’s currently 1,606 and 1,604).
– Luis Marte is scheduled to pitch in Lakeland today. We need him to get up here fast.
– AJax is day to day with an abdominal strain.

Today’s Jackson-less Lineup:

1. Kelly, CF
2. Dirks, LF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH
6. Avila, C
7. Boesch, RF
8. Peralta, SS
9. Raburn, 2B

21 thoughts on “Game 2012.38: Twins at Tigers”

  1. If you don’t like this lineup, we always have Gerald Laird and Ramon Santiago on the bench…and that’s it.

  2. Ol’ Smoky has got to feel that career .500 mark creeping up on him. A mediocre manager with a mediocre record. Can’t wait for Francona to get here next spring. One can fervently wish, can’t he?

    On a side note: if I’m Doug Fister I’m about ready to jam a bat up somebody’s backside. 1 ER in his first 18 innings of the season and he is 0-1?? Once again, the bats looking feeble. Perhaps today will be the 18th game of 3 or fewer runs scored (this only being Game 38).

    1. OMG Jerry – you really don’t want Francona here. It will be like Tram all over again. The inability to control clubhouses and dugouts is why Tram remains a coach today.

  3. Tigers are the Miami Heat of baseball. The rosters are bigger so instead of three good players they have five or six. The rest is flotsam and crapsam.

    1. Except the Miami Heat are the favorites to make it out of the Eastern Conference and have got a great shot at winning the title. Not sure you can say the same about the Tigers, the AL, and the World Series.

  4. Our team is picking up speed ….. going in the wrong direction. Good teams find ways to win games ….. bad teams find ways to lose games.

  5. The Tiger’s compassion and hospitality for the worst team in baseball (the Twins) is simply overflowing…what gracious host.

  6. Just watched the Tigers and I am sick of the Tigers staff and such saying “I don’t know what’s happening…it’s mind boggling” No, it’s not. It was on display in the late innings again, just like the previous night. 2 men on and nobody out..Fielder expands the strike zone and strikes out…Delmon Young for the 2nd night in a row..swings at a terrible pitch and GIDP. They have always been an agressive team and will never be the Yankees or Red Sox, but, they are just giving away at-bats at the most critical moments. Prince is probably pressing and Delmon just sucks..He needs to be moved out of the 5 hole, but, who do you put there? IDK, but, at least go w/ a guy who gives a crap and doesn’t just go through the motions. Their farm system is lacking in depth. One other thought..I know options are limited,but, Don Kelly as the leadoff hitter?

    1. Chris – your comment was flagged, I had to edit it slightly. Please watch the language, friends.

  7. World Series “Contenders”? That was the label put on this current team by many — me included. What a crazy overstatement. I watched the ’68 and ’84 teams dominate “wire to wire.” There was never a question about whether those teams were “contenders.” There is no question that this team, right now and probably going forward sadly, is not a contender. I will still tune in every night hoping (what a desperate sucker I am) but my hope is beginning to fade. Come on guys, get it together!

    SD released SS/2B today… snd SD is on the hook for his salary this yr, and the buyout option next yr. Yes he’s 34 and he’s only batting .211 this yr, but he’s a legit 2B w/11 yrs experience and 4 gold gloves… something to think about

  9. This team has been so frustrating I don’t even want to talk about them or think about them right now. But, here I am anyway.

    One bright note in yesterday’s game was Brayan Villareal coming out of the bullpen for 2 pretty good innings. That will certainly help, and when Valverde is better we can get rid of Balester or Putkonen.

    I just saw a video of Fister’s pick-off of Jamey Carroll yesterday. There’s a GIF of it here:

    What’s interesting about that is that this is the move everybody was talking about last week because MLB plans to make it a balk next year. Most commentators were saying “yeah the fake-to-third-and-throw-to-first move NEVER works, anyway”. Well, it just did.

  10. C’mon folks!
    Orlando Hudson?
    How desperate can you get. No way Leyland doesn’t yell at Dombrowski for a “one position-only” acquisition like that.
    I seriously doubt David makes that phone call. Tigers want more versatile players.

    1. Why not, take a flyer on the O-Dog? I think he is better then Danny Worth and adds depth. Delmon Young is an awful DH and can play no position…so, he’s an upgrade on him..Delmon is terrible, he never swings at strikes…so, the idea, that we would not even look at O-dog, is funny to me…Is he the answer, no. The answer is for guys to start getting themselves in good counts and swing at good pitches…so, far everybody but Boesch and Young did a good job and we had a good inning. I would like Hudson to be looked at, just so we have more options…Hudson can be a 2B and that opens up the DH position for Raburn. I know people will laugh, but, raburn will start hitting, he has had some decent at-bats over the past couple of weeks. We can also platoon Raburn and Boesch in RF or even put Hudson at DH…My main thing is…start benching guys who have consistently bad at-bats..Right now, we can’t because of no depth. They can not always have good results, but, Boesch and Young don’t give themselves much of a chance when they have those kinds of at-bats…and other guys have done it as well…nobody quite as bad as Young. I am wondering how much longer they put up w/ Young…He is awful and has terrible at-bats night after night, almost like he is just going through the motions.

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