Game 2012.25: White Sox at Tigers

(sorry for the delay, server was down, back now)

Last minute so this will be short, but a couple of newsworthy items:

– Fister is back and will start on Monday.

– Delmon Young’s suspension is over today and Leyland has said that he will DH tomorrow and Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Game 2012.25: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. they went FB in ..barely foul…FB in fouled it off his foot…they went FB in he just barely fouls it off…..they go Fb awaty…..BALL GAME

  2. ya but when you suck as bad as this offense does…these are huge……..the happiest Tiger tonight is Rayburn..he didnt have to make the last out! haha..

    by the way goot job Smyly!

    1. It’s ‘Raburn’ Jud

      The White Sox bullpen was being hailed this week. So the timing for their collapse last night was perfect.

      1. Before August on DTW, it’s “Rayburn.” I don’t really remember how it started, but I think we’ve been doing it that way for a few years now.

        Once he starts hitting he gets his name back.

      2. Ocassionally he is refered to as K-burn as well. Jackson is JaKKKson when he has one of those multiple strikeout games, Scherzer is Bad Max when he is awful and Mad Max when he is good. Alburquerque is Al-b-KKK which has the added advantage of being easier to spell. Lots of our Tigers have cutesy nicknames. Fielder hasn’t been here long enough, but it will come. Inge had many, many, many nicknames, but he’s gone now, so we don’t have to go there.

        Remember a rose is still a rose by any other name.

        1. “Inge had many, many, many nicknames.” That was one of those Ingetangibles he had going for him.

  3. Wow! I have to admit that after Dotel gave up the 2 run pop, I tuned out and left for work. After getting here, I was checking my overnight e-mail and after 30 minutes remembered to check the score….pleasant surprise to say the least! Maybe the start of a good run?

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