Last Minute Roster Updates

Word is that Inge is going to make the roster, bad groin and all. Updates below as we get them.


11 thoughts on “Last Minute Roster Updates”

  1. I wouldn’t read much into that article. It seems to be saying that if they want to release him before Opening Day, they have to do it by 2pm today.

    However, they can also DL him, to buy time to try to work out a trade, or just think a little longer.

  2. I know it’s just a ST game…but Drew Smyly is dominating the Spring’s best team (less Bautista). Cabbie with his 2nd error of the spring.

  3. I’m Ready for opening day. We have some friends visiting from England and are taking them to BWW to hangout and enjoy the game.


  4. The good news: Inge won’t be on the Opening Day roster because he was put on the DL:

    The bad news: “That speculation likely will rekindle once Inge returns from the DL, though it appears unlikely the Tigers would do anything from there. So while Inge won’t be on the active roster for Opening Day, there’s a good chance he’ll be on it April 14.”

    Worth, Clete and Dirks are all on the team for now, but I guess two will have to go to make room for Inge and Smyly later.

  5. The Detroit News is reporting that Leyland has announced Inge will be the starting second baseman against lefties. Santiago will be filling in at SS and 2B. Raburn starts at 2B vs. righties.

    I’m hoping this is all a ruse to pump up Inge’s trade value to ham sandwich territory. But I’m starting to realize I’m kidding myself.

    1. I think they will hold out for, at a minimum, a golden toasty really cheesy Grilled Cheese.

  6. Why can’t we just make Cabrera a DH and then he can just drink mimosas and bat? It might extend his career a long time as opposed to playing sober and in the field.

    1. After a streak that would make Ripken jealous, TSE finally makes a suggestion I can get on board with!

      (Conspiracy theory: The above comment was really Coleman pretending to be TSE)

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