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Let’s start with what remains the most pressing question other than Why is Brandon Inge still a Tiger? and that is, who will be pitching on April 15th in the D against the Pale Hose? Due to a silly opening weekend where the Tigers play 3 games in 5 days, I’m guessing that April 15th will be the first day for the 5th spot in the rotation.  Future rotation guys Turner or Oliver?  Maybe Duane Below gets a shot at starting, or Adam Wilk.  Or could it be Drew Smyly?  (pronounced “smy-ly”)  DD is all smiles these days and everyone’s got a shot.

The Tigers’ international scouts are working overtime these days as they remain in the running for Cespedes while finding time to ink a 16 year old Dominican for $280k.

Scott Boras called the Tigers “smart” and said the organization’s intellect was “ahead of the curve.”  That’s a lot like the IRS sending you a thank you note which says “thanks for being a good citizen.”

The new Verlander led MLB2k12 commercial is out, and it’s awful.  Never mind the “perfect game” dialogue while the screen shows two runners on.

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    1. Well he’s not borrowing from the next owner’s pot, he’s merely turning player material of the future into cash savings for the future owner, and then his beneficiaries when he passes away will receive less cash as a result.

      1. Great – now I can’t enjoy watching Prince Fielder play because I’ll be feeling sorry for those unfortunate Illitch kids. Argh

  1. Obviously the Fielder signing will be a hot topic for years to come… and its likely that at some point in the future, DD or some other Tiger GM will feel saddled with the contract, but if that ‘regret’ doesn’t materialize for 5-6 years, i can live with that – especially since its not my money.

    I’m happy with the signing, but to be perfectly honest, had some other AL team signed the same contract, i’m sure i’d be joining the chorus questioning that ‘other team’s logic’.

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