VMart Likely Out for the Year

VMart managed to tear his ACL in off-season workouts…he’s likely out for the year.

Just sat in on the DD conf call (thanks billfer), DD didn’t say anything too unexpected.  They just found out over the last few days when VMart called Kevin Rand to tell him about a knee injury. There is a chance that he might be back later in the season.  At this point in time, DD is planning on just a short-term replacement, but no candidates as of yet.

Prince Fielder anyone?

More to come.

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  1. There are many possibilities to replace Martinez with a decent DH, depending on whether or not DD wants to trade or just sign a FA. That being said, it will be difficult to replace Martinez’ production. Also, who now protects Cabrera (sorry, not Delmon)? They obviously need to make some kind of move and not just hope “one of the kids come through” like with the No. 5 starter dream. Speaking of dreams, getting Fielder is a pipe dream. And Johnny Damon – no thank you – been there, done that.

    1. Boras is gonna keep Fielder on the sidelines until someone makes a 10 year offer. I expect the Rangers to sign Darvish today for about $53M over 5 years. I think that will take them out of the Fielder bidding. The only other teams that can afford Fielder are set at 1B. So that intimates that Det might make a play, but I hope that Boras will convince someone else to take Fielder for at least 8 years before the Tigers do.

      This Fox article on Fielder was a good read: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/.....n-rangers/

      Damon may be a worse outfielder than Maggs, if that’s possible. I don’t want to have to run 2 infielders out for the relay throw. I like Pena for the situation.

      1. Pena can hit the bombs for sure, but there are also a lot of swings and misses (at least he’s no Adam Dunn though!). Being a firstbaseman he can spell Cabrera and maybe he is even better defensively, I don’t know. But having JaKKKson, Inge and Pena in the lineup at the same time is kind of scary – lots of rally killing potential there with all the Ks. You’d definitely be looking at a possible record number of Golden Sombreros over the course of a season.

        Guerrero doesn’t interst me with his 17 BB in 590 PA (.317 OBP), 13 HR and 23 GDP.

        Derrek Lee maybe. He is good every other year and is due for a rebound.

        Kotchman is interesting and I am surprised he is still out there (there seems to be an overabundance of 1B FA this year). Not much power, but a good OBP (.378), so maybe hit him in front of Cabrera. He could also spell Cabs and is only 29.

  2. It’s a costly result and that’s the risk you take when you spend high amounts of dollars and have a short supply of qualified talent. The monetary hit is big and the loss in potential player performance becomes comparatively significant.

    This game rewards those who know how to harness the efficiencies of a winning baseball formula. That is an area we need to vastly improve in. Not having this makes me feel like I should be crying, yet I don’t; I’ve been bathing in this pool of pain for a long time and my endurance of this only feeds my vision to call for this change.

    I am now stronger than I was just one day ago.

  3. Insurance should cover 1/2 of V-Mart’s salary, so that gives brass 6.5M to spend on a replacement DH. However, we are still weak at 2B, 3B and IMO LF (I don’t believe in Delmon Young) and still need 1 more decent starter; maybe moreso now even. Unless you have stupendous pitching you can’t expect to get very far platooning at 4 spots in the batting order, which at the moment is a distinct possibility.

    I keep hearing the talk that the Tigers are still the best in the division, blah, blah, blah. Remember the 1000-run Tiger team that was going to run away with the Division, ALC and WS? We all know how that turned out. It’s a 162-game schedule and you still need to win them one at a time.

  4. Anyone else at the Whitecaps banquet last night? I thought Ramon did a great job with his speech accepting induction into the Whitecaps HoF – showed again what a great character and love for the game he has. Once Kurkjian got past his book plug I really enjoyed his speech as well.

    Kurkjian standing next to Porcello and Fister is pretty entertaining.

  5. Simple decision. Obtain the player with the best OBP you can get (financially speaking) –to help those who follow in the batting order ie Cabrera

    1. But we don’t do things simply. I just read an article today about Austin Jackson changing his stance and approach. Why would he do that? Wasn’t it fine before? Or did the batting coach not figure that out? Either way things don’t make sense, because our team managers and officials don’t understand baseball very well, thus that which may seem simple continues to be out of reach. This team is just too stupid to cite the simple-card as a means to solve our problems.

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