Justin Verlander for (edit: IS) MVP

Vote is coming out today at 2pm, and MLB.tv will have live coverage beginning at 1:30pm eastern.

Rob Neyer would vote Jacob Ellsbury #1 and JV 5th.  (When did Neyer move to SBNation from ESPN.com?  When did SBNation become a legitimate sports news source?)

Buster Olney writes that JV will get the most first place votes in a year with several deserving candidates, but ultimately will lose because of not enough electoral votes.

The local guys (Detroit News, Freep) seem to think that the pitcher vs. batter philosophical debate will ultimately cost JV the award.

I remain hopeful…



JV won with 13 out of 28 first place votes, and 280 points overall.  Ellsbury had 242 points, and Batista was third with 231.  Granderson and Cabby rounded out the top 5.

4 thoughts on “Justin Verlander for (edit: IS) MVP”

  1. Well done JV! Thanks for making this one a memorable season. You were steady the entire season and took alot of pressure off the relief staff when it was your turn to toss. May you have even a better 2012 seasons!

  2. In the spirit of the season, thank you Justin. And thank you Boston: Crazy Gene called back for a 2nd interview. (By all accounts, Lamont has a great baseball mind…still, he’s just not so good at that deciding when to send the runner home thing. Why in the world can’t we get a real 3rd base coach, and let Gene just be bench coach?)

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