Game 2011 Playoffs.3: Yankees at Tigers

(see if you can spot the difference between this image and the game 1 image)

The ALCS moves to Detroit tonight for game 3.  Game time temperature should be in the mid-60s, and it should slide down into the 50s throughout the game.  But no rain in sight.  (Mike Napoli just went yard, again, Rangers up 2-1.)

Yesterday’s game was almost too much to take.  We seemed destined to be another anecdote in Yankee’s lore after the Avila slip.  If anyone believes in his stuff it’s Valverde.  Bravo Papa Grande. I know he threw 30+ or something yesterday, but I’m pretty sure that he’s avail tonight if we need him.  I don’t think Benoit will be.

Today’s news is the lineup changes – Maggs slides down to 6, Avila to 8, and Santiago to 2.  Santiago hits CC decently well (.294) and plays better D, so he gets the nod over Raburn. According to Jimmy, Avila has been pressing a bit, so hopefully the 8 hole will help him get something going.

Yankees are sticking with their same game 2 lineup:

1. Derek Jeter, SS
2. Curtis Granderson, CF
3. Robinson Cano, 2B
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B (this caused a bit of a stir in NY)
5. Mark Teixeira, 1B
6. Nick Swisher, RF
7. Jorge Posada, DH
8. Russell Martin, C
9. Brett Gardner, LF

Todd Jones throwing out first pitch tomorrow night…(confusion)



87 thoughts on “Game 2011 Playoffs.3: Yankees at Tigers”

    1. Same here, just speechless that one of our worst hitters is all of a sudden in the 2 spot in the most important game of the year. What a crock.

      1. Not the lineup I would have either. I’d prefer Maggs hitting 2nd with Raburn at 2B 6th or 7th.

        1. Yeah it’s playoff time, and Ramon had a big single tonight, but still it just makes no sense to put him out there, you have to go with your best, and Raburn is the better player. Not by a ton because of Ramon’s SH ability and good defense, but still both players are about equivalent hitters in terms of average, but Raburn’s extra power is worth more than the areas Ramon has an advantage.

          And Maggs defense doesn’t count in this point as well since he’s in the game regardless, and as a hitter he’s definitely better or worthy of being considered a better hitter than Raburn so it would have made more sense to do it your way in that regard too.

          I’m also not a fan of DY batting 3rd, but whatever. At least we are tied for now and have a chance so that’s cool.

  1. AJax works an 8-pitch walk, then Ramon with the 1st pitch GIDP…this could be a frustrating night…

  2. CC does not look at all comfortable–he even walked Delmon Young, which ain’t easy. Bad AB for Ramon, or this could’ve been a huge 1st inning.

  3. It sucks being 2 runs in the hole. Hopefully our offense can continue being very Yankee like against CC.

  4. Man…that could have been such a bigger inning…..hopefully Verlander can keep it going and the offense can keep chipping away at Sabathia…

    1. I see a two year extension for the Inge.

      Good idea to have Jackson bunt there. He can’t hit a lick and we may only need 1 run.

  5. Didn’t Zumaya have some sort of record for consecutive 100 mph+ pitches in a playoff game? And did Verlander just break it?

  6. Props to JV. He did what he needed to win, and saved us Benoit for tomorrow. We’re gonna win this thing tomorrow friends.

  7. The key to the game was letting CC throw a ton of pitches, and getting to the middle part of their bullpen. And a huge contribution from the little bats, Inge, Santiago, Kelly. And also JV, because he didn’t have it, found it, then lost it, then collected himself and got through. Not many guys can do that.

  8. Yankee Manager Joe G. Already whining about the narrow strike zone! Ahem, Verlander had 11 Ks. Delmon, your are a gem and a blessing! (And your family is from my hometown of Vicksburg!)

  9. That was pretty freakin tense. Verlander and the bottom of the order (and D-Young) carried the evening.

    Well Scherzer pitched the game of his career in NY, can Porcello follow suit tomorrow? I think Verlander summed it up best in his postgame interview, “hopefully we can get a bunch of runs early so he (Porcello) can settle in”.

    VMart and Avila are due – the Tigers do need to get to Burnett early.

    End it in front of the home crowd, so NY doesn’t get a chance to do the same.

  10. The much maligned Burnett has an ERA over 5.00 and he’s given up 31 HRs this year…. so logic would dictate the Tigers should pound him tomorrow right?

    i sure hope so.

  11. Burnett’s only start in Comerica this year – he pitched 7 innings and gave up only 2 ER and 3 hits. Burnett actually pitches better against lefties (.256 BA, .777 OPS and 13HRs) than righties (.264 BA, .831 OPS and 18HRs).

    NOTE to Tigers: Burnett has 25 wild pitches this year – and a WP tonight could be a game changer

  12. Let me recall 06OCT09 when the Tigers played the Twins in a 163rd game playoff. It was the day Little Ricky Porcello became a man. He gave it his all and pitched 5 2/3 innings, giving up 2 runs on 4 hits with 8Ks and 2BBs keeping the Tigers in the game. Inasmuch Mr. Porcello has a good playoff record and good playoff experience (it was his rookie year!). If he can do the same tonight (and the middle of the lineup hits) we should have the completion of a magic series! And given his “away in the Twinkie Dome” experience, I expect Porcello to be cool and calm tonight and one that thrives on such competition. (Hmmm….didn’t Verlander say the same after last night’s game?)

  13. Tonight’s pitching is probably an even match.

    When you adjust for park effects, I think Porcello and Burnett have the same ERA+.

    On the other hand, when you adjust for park effects, the Tigers have a more potent offense than NY (OPS+) and are playing at home.

    I like our chances, but let’s not count on Burnett pitching like a bum.

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