Game 2011.128: Tigers at Rays

First place by 5.5 games.  High fives all the way around.

– AJax DP to end the game on Sunday?  Been there, seen that, says Ol’ Smokey.
– Freep had a nice compilation of national articles on JV’s 19th win.

Tigers look for their 5th in a row, to go 12 games over .500, and hopefully to increase their lead tonight against David Price.  The Tampa lefty has only shut down the Yanks and Red Sox over his last two starts, allowing just 1 run in 16 innings.  Bad Brad Penny looks to eat up some innings as the Tigers run out 8 righties against Price.

Tonight’s Lineup

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
3. Delmon Young, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
9. Brandon Inge, 3B

30 thoughts on “Game 2011.128: Tigers at Rays”

  1. I wonder what the all-time MLB record for leadoff strikeouts is? Because KJax has to be in the running…

  2. Not that they have a great 7th inning guy in the bullpen, but i’d still pull Penny before he comes out in the 8th. He’s pitched a very good game 88 pitches…

  3. Wow, I thought that Jonesy drove a Tigers fan to drink. I always left before he came in since it was beyond last call and you needed something to watch him. Thank you Ryan as well.

  4. Coke was dealing today – he threw 51 pitches… i guess that early season starting work paid off today… another HUGE win… didn’t have to use Benoit or Valverde, and beat an almost flawless Price

    1. Flipped it on just in time to see Bourjos’ game winning single. After a long silence, Harrelson chimes in with “Angels win this gift game. Wrapped up with a bow tie from the White Sox.”

      Apparently he missed the top of the 8th when the White Sox were behind by a run and had to score there and hold just to get to the bottom of the 9th.

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