Game 2011.93: White Sox at Tigers

Well, the Tigers start the 2nd half of the season tied for first place and with the most favorable schedule in Majors (yes that’s Majors – see ouchudied’s authoritative post) but with seemingly more roster questions that answers.

The glaring ones are at 3B and2B, where Inge and Raburn, respectively, have become post/text/email/twitter/headline trends, and not in a good way.  Though they represent the majority of the PAs at 2nd and 3rd, their combined OPS would only be 61 points less than that of Jose Bautista.  Raburn is what’s left of the lot of Sizemore and Worth, and is really just keeping the dirt warm at this point in time.  Inge may be the most polarizing player in recent Detroit sports history, but even JL’s once unbreakable loyalty to him seems to be fading.  But the Tigers also need another starting pitcher (they currently have 4 starters on the roster, though Furbush should be back soon), and some bullpen help.

Funny, because while there is little disagreement as to the vortexes at second and third, the Tigers seem fixated on a starter and potentially a corner outfielder.  Jon Paul Morosi is of the opinion that Hiroki Kuroda is a top the Tigers wish list (Buster Olney confirms the pitching search), and Olney recently tweeted that the Tigers may pursue Carlos Beltran (and maybe Ulbado Jimenez?), mostly because of the Tigers’ willingness to absorb salary obligations.

It looks like Guillen will be our starting 2B sooner rather than later (he’s hitting now), though there is no official time table for his return.

On to tonight’s game.  Due to masterful scheduling by the schedulers (and Ol’ Smokey), we get JV in back to back games.  The White Sox come in for the beginning of an AL Central heavy rest of 2011.  If we can continue to play above .500 ball against the Indians, White Sox and Twins, we likely win the division.

Tonight’s Ingeless Lineup:

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Alex Avila, C
8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
9. Don Kelly, 3B

9 thoughts on “Game 2011.93: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. I think the thought process is that anyone we get at 2B/3B would just be a no name rental type player, like a Casey Blake. They’d easily clear waivers, so we can get that player anytime before or after the July 31st trade deadline. We’ll probably be in a better position to grab filler players in August just before rosters expand in September.

    What we could use before the trade deadline is another good starting pitcher.

    I think the Beltran rumors are crap unless we trade one of our outfielders to get that starting pitcher. We traded Joyce for E Jackson before, so maybe trading Boesch is a possibility. If that happens, then Beltran starts looking better.

    1. I think it would take a whole lot before Boesch ended up in a trade. He still has huge upside.

      1. And the bullpen is on pace to give up 500+ runs in the 2nd half…..Okay, that might be an exaggeration…perhaps not…

  2. Tigers have 7th best record in 15 team league and have scored 11 fewer runs than they’ve given up. Pardon me if I don’t get excited.

  3. Why does no one ever talk about the fact that the Tigers have almost zero defensive range (This has been the case for years) They play a bunch of DH’s in the field and on the flip side…they score almost all their runs via the HR (Except they have very few power hitters on the team) This lack of range and speed makes for a few plays every game that the opponent makes and we do not. Last night was an extreme example,but, I think it is a fair statement to say that DD has nver valued defense and his only team to make the post season in Detroit had huge power numbers and Inge was playing a Gold Glove caliber 3B and Polanco was playing a gold glove caliber 2B, that season. Now, our plans to fix the team is to have Guillen play 2B (His range is the equivalant of having a cardboard cutout) His professional approach to hitting and clutch batting are essential down the stretch…but, if he plays everyday, then Peralta has to move to 3rd and Worth or whoever your best fielding SS has to play Short, or we will be giving up 3-4 extra hits a game up the middle…That is too much to overcome in my opinon.

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