Game 2011.88: Tigers at Angels

Short and Sweet for the W.

Lineup coming soon (if one of you doesn’t beat me to it).

1. Jackson, CF
2. Santiago, 2B
3. Dirks, RF
4. Cabrera, 1B
5. Martinez, DH
6. Peralta, SS
7. Avila, C
8. Inge, 3B
9. Kelly, LF

20 thoughts on “Game 2011.88: Tigers at Angels”

  1. I love Maggs but after last night I’m happy to see
    Dirks and Boesch in left and right.

    1. Holy cow was he bad. Watching him run is like watching a hamster run. His feet move fast but he doesn’t go anywhere. And I’m pretty sure he threw to 2nd because that’s the only throw he can make these days.

  2. Dan just noted that opponents are hitting .280 against Penny in 2 strike counts, which is 100 points above the league average.

  3. I’m all for keeping Gene Lamont, as long as he takes the field with big floppy shoes and a bright red nose

  4. Well that win feels good, let’s hope we can now win a series before the All Star Break.

    So…how long of a leash does Inge have? He has been worse than Raburn, if that is posible.

    1. Maybe we can trade for a 3B. If the A’s drop out of contention, they have a young 3B hitting .280 with some pop, guy named Sizemore.

      1. Good call. We seem to have a surplus of left-handed relievers. Perhaps they’d be interested in one of them?

      2. Sizemore leads the A’s in Avg, OBP, and OPS. On the A’s, he’s becoming the man like he was in the minor leagues. Playing on a bad team in a small market city was probably the best thing for Sizemore. There’s no pressure there. In Detroit, he was just another whipping boy.

        1. I blame Lloyd McClendon. Polanco never needed a hitting coach, so McClendon forgot how to teach secondbasemen to hit. Now whoever Leyland runs out to play the No. 4 position just ends up stinking up the batters box. I predict the same thing will happen when Guillen comes back. Leyland will name him MR2B and he’ll just go psfssst just like the rest of them.

  5. I’d like to personally thank Miggy and his 2 run shot in the 7th for ending the “Tigers suck” chants from the 12 year old Angels fans behind me.

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