Game 2011.46: Tigers at Pirates

Short and sweet for the W.

29 thoughts on “Game 2011.46: Tigers at Pirates”

  1. Smokey says I’m sitting some of the slumping guys in the lineup on Sunday so he plays Raburn .206 for Dirks .286.. and Sizemore .206 for Santiago .293…why does that make perfect “Leyland ” sense…….fire him today please!

    1. I got no problem with the line-up. When a good lefty pitcher is starting against us, I’d expect to see Leyland use a heavy right handed line-up. From 2008 to 2010, Paul Maholm has dominated lefty hitters. He has a .552 opposing OPS vs Lefty hitters and .815 vs Righties.

  2. How about the “Mendoza brothers” Inge Raburn Sizemore all in the lineup today. Luckily the UM regional softball game is on so you can flip back and forth to players who can actually hit!!!

  3. Chris Resop is pitching under an assumed name, that last name is clearly made up. It spells “Poser” backwards.

  4. Does Porcello know the “Blowpen” will not help him today???? its 8 innings or nothing

  5. that officially confirms the fact that Porcellois a better hitter than any of the Mendoza Bros..Inge,,Raburn,,Sizemore and Jackson

  6. Man, that home plate umpire sucks. It seems like every bad call goes against the Tigers.

  7. lets see….. a lead off single with 3 of the Mendoza Bros coming up in arow,,,,that had zero possibilities of success…….

    1. Raburn almost went deep. He had the distance, but it hooked foul. It probably missed the foul pole by <10 feet.

  8. The starting pitching does it again…I wonder if any team has more quality starts than the Tigers…seems like there is one almost everyday

  9. Another great game for Porcello. That’s 6 games in a row for him, where’s he’s given up 2 or fewer runs.

  10. Leyland on Benoit returning to the 8th inning role after a hiatus of 1 game.

    “I’d have liked to go a little bit longer [working him along],” Leyland said, “but with some of the kids struggling, I’ve just got to hope he gets the job done.”

    1. And he will use him there, because that is what 8th innings are for. I’m actually surprised he didn’t take Porcello out after 7 innings yesterday.

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