Game 2011.36: Tigers at Blue Jays

The Tigers look to win their second consecutive asphalt game, as the Tigers look to close out their second straight 3-of-4 series.

Max Scherzer will take the mound for Detroit, fortified with steak, courtesy of Justin Verlander, who took a few of the guys out to celebrate the no-hitter.  Rick Porcello, Max Scherzer, Alex Avila, and Don Kelly all were there.  Don Kelly?  I guess Coke doesn’t go with steak.  And poor Brutus Penny was seen at a local hamburger joint, pestered by some guy who wanted to eat and pay Tuesday.

And while Justin Verlander has the no-hitter, Mad Max is the guy with the perfect record (5-0).  Standing in the way of 6-0:  Brandon Morrow, who is coming off of a 1-run, 5-hit, 6 1/3 inning victory over the Rays.  He also has a nice 1.69 career ERA vs Detroit, and has held Jhonny Peralta to an 0-9.

And of course there’s Jose Bautista–but I know Max wouldn’t make the mistake of pitching to him, like Bad Brad did.  Will you Max?

And then there’s Juan Rivera, who looked out at the mound after his 7th inning AB and said to Verlander, “you’re getting lucky.”

Brandon Inge and Magglio Ordonez will get some rest after a busy weekend of being lucky no-hitter guys–Inge and Ordonez are the only Tigers who were in the lineup for both of Verlander’s no-hitters.

Today’s Player of the Pre-Game:  Don Kelly

The Donkey is in the key 6th spot in the lineup, a potential bridge between guys who can hit and other guys who maybe can hit. C’mon, earn your steak Don.

Today’s Where are the lucky no-hitter guys? Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Ramon Santiago 2B
  3. Brennan Boesch RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera 1B
  5. Victor Martinez DH
  6. Don Kelly 3B
  7. Jhonny Peralta SS
  8. Alex Avila C
  9. Ryan Raburn LF


30 thoughts on “Game 2011.36: Tigers at Blue Jays”

  1. Leyland experimenting with the lineup; having 3B hit 6th and LF/RF hit ninth. Sizemore also gets the night off, although 2B still hits 2nd.

  2. Hmm, guess Max isn’t listening either. Actually it’s probably not a question of Scherzer or Penny not listening–it’s Sir Puffalot, isn’t it?

  3. Mr. Raburn, we are going to let you off with a warning this time, since AJax saved you. But we are tracking your infractions, and that was your 5th K, the most in the league. Next time we won’t go so easy on you.

    1. Raburn and Inge to the Mets for Wright. We’ll even eat Inge’s contract. The Mets would be dumb enough to do that trade, wouldn’t they?

  4. Coleman, By the way. Inge is out because he’s wiped out from all the Ks this weekend. I was there and it was ugly. And thats all I got to say about that 😉

    1. Was off dealing with cell phone issues, and didn’t see it–did it look like they hit him intentionally because we were pounding them?

  5. Inge is one for one and as a pinch hitter no less?? Boy, he better watch it or someone is going to ask him to pee in a cup.

  6. I may be a bit premature, but that ball to deep center was just tatooed. Benoit still does not look right?

  7. No, they didn’t hit him on purpose. Just a bad slider that hit him in the foot. Looked painful, though, and they took him out of the game. Brought in Inge as pinch-runner.

    1. No outs, down 8 runs, a pitcher who can’t throw a strike, and Bautista on deck–and they risk a play at the plate?

    1. Not a surprise since he has been surrounded by the Ofer brothers lately. Hopefully that will change with VMart back and hitting.

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