Game 2011.24: Mariners at Tigers

Welcome to a spillover of contest Tuesday.  Since there was not a winner yesterday (really, no one was close),

(yester)Today’s prize is a Tigers History Newspaper courtesy of  The contest is simple, please guess tonight’s:

– winning team;
– number of Tigers hits;
– number of Mariners errors;
– the number that I’m thinking of right now; and
– Clown Show Ratio.

The winner will be selected on most correct answers, with weight distributed in accordance with how the categories were laid out above (winning team is most important, Clown Show Ratio is least important.  Really, it’s unimportant.  If you don’t know what CSR is, leave it blank, but know that Coleman is working in the definition).  And please visit our friends over at so that they’ll do this again soon.

Erik Bedard takes the mound tonight for Seattle in search of his: first win, first game without a HR allowed, first game without a walk allowed, and first game without at least 3 ER allowed.  Erik Bedard has not been good in 2011.  He was a walk machine against the Tigers last time out, and he’s shouldering a 1.98 WHIP and 7.71 ERA thus far.  He doesn’t throw very hard, he doesn’t have great control and he’s pretty wild.

Seattle missed JV last week, but they get him tonight.  JV is well, JV, and I expect him to dominate Seattle hitters.  Though Milton Bradley (.357 in 14 ABs) and Ichiro (.366 in 15 ABs) have had pretty good success against him.  JV notched his 1,000th K last time out, tying him for 14th on the Tigers all time list with none other than Joe Coleman. In a few games he should catch up to Frank Lary for 13th.  JV has not allowed more than 3 ER in any start this season, he’s made it into at least the 6th every time out and he’s averaging 7 1/3 innings per game.

Tonight’s Lhineup is:

1. Jackson CF
2. Raburn 2B
3. Ordonez DH
4. Cabrera 1B
5. Peralta SS
6. Boesch LF
7. Inge 3B
8. Avila C
9. Wells RF

Tonight’s fun fact: if Cabrera can score 2 more runs in April, he’ll set the all time Tigers mark for runs in April, passing Travis Fryman (22 in 1997) and Gary Sheffield (22 in 2007).

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  1. Here’s more fun: Current OPS numbers:

    Adam Everett .848
    Gerald Laird .718
    Don Kelly .654
    Magglio Ordonez .506

    (It could be a tiny bit worse though: Carl Crawford, .441. Ouch)

  2. Winning team: DET
    number of Tiger hits: 9 (tiebreaker: Tigers with >1 hit: Cabrera, Inge)
    Number of Mariner errors: 2
    Number Kevin in Dallas is thinking of now: 11 (OK, now he is thinking of 24, but he was thinking of 11 just then)
    Clown Show Ratio: 200

  3. – winning team: Tigers
    – number of Tigers hits: 12
    – number of Mariners errors: 2
    – the number that I’m thinking of right now: 129
    – Clown Show Ratio: 2.5 (5 Sea : 2 Det)

  4. Winning team: Tigers
    Tigers Hits: 9
    Mariners Errors: 1
    Number you are thinking of: 11
    Clown Show Ratio: 23:1

  5. Winning team;Tigers
    Tigers hits; 10
    Mariners errors; 1
    Number that I’m thinking of right now; 7
    Clown Show Ratio. 4:1

  6. Winning Team: 0
    Tiger Hits: 0
    Mariners Errors: 0
    Numbver that I am thinking of right now: 0
    CSR: 1:1

    The game will be rained out.

    1. I thought so too, but it’s not raining right now. I live about 10 miles away from the ballpark.

  7. Milton Bradley wearing earplugs pushes the Clown Show Ratio in favor of the Tigers, methinks

  8. Why why why why why why why isn’t Boesch batting either 3rd of 5th EVERY DAY. He’s one of the hottest bats in the AL, and it doesn’t look like a fluke. So, it makes TOTAL sense to put him behind the perennially mediocre bat of J-honny Peralta, right? Gotta spread around those hits!


    1. More to the point, it’s VITAL to keep Cabby/Boesch as far away from Inge in the lineup as possible. Here’s my lineup:

      1. Jackson CF
      2. Wells RF
      3. Raburn 2B
      4. Cabrera 1B
      5. Boesch LF
      6. Ordonez DH
      7. Peralta SS
      8. Avila C
      9. Inge 3B

  9. This official scorer is a clown. Calls that botched Inge play from Penny’s no-hit bid a hit, now calls this nearly identical play by Peralta an error? What a joke. These umps and scorekeepers are just terrible.

  10. Anybody else thinking it is time to drop AJax to the 9-hole until he starts hitting. That guy is just killing the front end of the line up.

        1. I wouldn’t be opposed to that…I’m ready for V-Mart to be back and to give Scott Sizemore a try at 2nd. Rhymes has been such a disappointment this year offensively.

  11. Since last time Bedard got in trouble walking guys and with a high pitch count, today’s plan seems to be to confuse him by swinging at all of his first pitches

  12. Isn’t Seattle one of those teams we should be beating if we are going to be considered a serious contender this year? It was nice to beat them in seat 2 of 3, but now we are letting them beat us up on our own turf? This type of inconsistency is annoying.

  13. Tiger pitchers should not be allowed to throw to any base but home. I’m pretty sure that every year they lead all pitching staffs in throwing errors, most of them coming on pickoffs – Verlander is particularly bad. Do they not teach this stuff in the minors?

  14. The Tigers offense is as unpredictable as a woman….they sweep the Sox…..and then can’t seem to do anything against the worst teem in baseball?

    1. Seriously, either he needs to ride the pine or bat 9th. He is killing this team in the 1-spot.

      1. KJax OBP .250, Mendozlio .275…there is only so long Cabrera and Boesch are going to be able to carry that.

      2. Unfortunately, only one guy can bat ninth at a time. Other candidates to hit leadoff: Rhymes, Wells, Santiago, Inge, etc.

  15. I am at class giving my Stat students a quiz when I checked in on the game. Looks like I should have included Kevin’s contest question with my quiz. Perhaps my students would then strongly give their instructor the Clown Rating?

  16. We need to get Magglio back in the lineup. These Groundouttlio and Popupplio guys just aren’t cutting it.

  17. We aren’t doing so well at the predictiating thing.

    I’m predicting Kevin’s Contest, Day 3 tomorrow will go all Celebrity Jeopardy. “OK, everyone, just type your name, followed by a word…any English word…”

  18. Coleman predicted the highest CSR, and it’s about right for tonight’s game. But I said CSR wouldn’t matter, gotta stick to my guns.

    Tomorrow’s contest will center around the alphabet so we can ensure that someone will win.

    1. Besides, the CSR criteria are still undergoing revision…I haven’t quite figured out do to with baserunning Clown Events, but I may have to release it and leave that pending.

  19. Seattle had 78 runs in 23 games (3.4 per game) coming into last night’s game…they’ve now got 17 over the past two games.

  20. Wow…Tell me again why Brad Thomas started playing baseball?

    4 Errors….

    This is yet another blow up game. How many does that make on the season?

  21. This team is just one big circus…..Way too many clowns on this team to get to the World Series, let alone the playoffs…

  22. The good news is that Cle is ahead of us, and Chi and Min are struggling even worse than we are.

    Jackson is going to get better. Maggs will as well, though I don’t expect any extra base power from him. He’s really a #8 hitter at this stage in his career, though Ol’ Smokey will likely leave him in the 3 hole until he goes on the DL. Peralta is acceptable at SS. We have options at 2B. Our only long-term hole is 3B, Maggs, and possibly 2B (how hard is it for Eburn to learn how to field?). If Jackson doesn’t start hitting we’ll get someone up here who can be average at worst.

    We’ll be alright.

    1. I would actually be really impressed if EBurn could volley one into the stands from the 2B position.

        1. We don’t need to do that, we already have a decent 2B player, his name is Scott Sizemore. We spent a pretty high 5th round pick way back in 2006 for this guy. He’s supposed to be playing right now.

          Oh any by the way he has a .403 BA and .479 OBA and .597 SLG after 73 Plate Appearances so far this year.

          And Will Rhymes has .185 for both BA and SLG. Somehow Leyland still thinks this guy has a future in baseball, when he clearly is a soccer player. Or tennis player maybe. Hell I don’t know, I just know he can’t play baseball.

  23. I’m starting to think that Verlander is the most overrated “ace” of any staff in baseball. He lets us down a lot when we need a strong game from him. I know we didn’t hit anyway last night, but to have your ace get lit up right off the bat in the first inning against what might be the worst offense in baseball is really deflating. When Verlander ever finishes a season with an ERA of less than 3 (with at least 180 IP) I’ll remove the most overrated ace tag from him. It looks like I’ll be waiting a long time to do this. Very, very, very disappointing effort yet again from Justin. He’s good, but in terms of “aces” he is nowhere near the game’s elite. If we’re ever gonna contend, he’s got to up his game to elite.

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