Game 2011.22: White Sox at Tigers

Winning! The Tigers are now a winning baseball team.

Thanks to an outstanding effort by Bad Brad Penny (to be distinguished from Brad “Bad” Penny), some timely hitting by about everyone, and a hint of clown show by the White Sox, this afternoon is now the closet game of the 3-game series.

The Tigers send Max Scherzer out to grab the broom.  The Sox will try to keep the closet locked by means of John Danks, the backwards lefty.  Backwards because:

  • career RHB BA vs Danks:  .248
  • career LHB BA vs Danks:  .260

Consequently, Leyland has loaded the lineup with RHB, because Danks is a LHP (not to worry; it will somehow turn out geniusy).

Danks has a good mid-90ish fastball, a cutter,  a sharp slider, and a good changeup. He also has a big slow curve which he sometimes throws, often on the first pitch.  I’m not sure if any of this really explains his backwardness.  Perhaps it’s just part of an inherent dankness.

But Mad Max is armed with broom, and poised to become the 4th AL pitcher with 4 wins, joining Jared Weaver (5), Dan Haren (4), and Justin Masterson (4).

While Max is 3-0, 4.30, Danks is 0-2 3.00, which gives you some idea how much fun it is being a White Sox pitcher at the moment.

If Max is going to get run support today, where will it come from?  Not likely Inge or Raburn (combined .215 and 13K in 42 AB) or, sadly, Cabrera (.211, 4-19, all singles).  Which leads us to:

Today’s Player of the Pre-Game:  Magglio Ordonez

  • Magglio career vs Danks:  .609 (14 – 23), 2 HR, 7 RBI
  • He is also playing his former team
  • He also needs 1 more double to become the first player to hit 100 at Comerica
  • There you go Maggs, you couldn’t ask for a better set up
  • You’ll notice this sounds familiar.  You have a 2nd chance.  Do you hear me Maggs?

Today’s Lucky Nickname lineup:

  1. Tex Jackson CF
  2. Ryan “Three True Outcomes” Raburn 2B
  3. Magglio “Enemy of Dankness” Ordonez DH
  4. Cabby Cat 1B
  5. H-Factor Peralta SS
  6. Bashin’ Brennan Boesch LF
  7. The Ghost RF
  8. Strokin’ Alex Avila C
  9. Walkoff Inge 3B