News and Notes: Hip Hip…Opening Day

Lots of chatter out there concerning our Tigers, here are a few good reasons to procrastinate today:

Lynn Henning gives his player by player projections.

Freep writers predict anywhere from a 1st to 3rd place finish for 2011.

– Brad Penny had this to say about Verlander – “That might be the best spring I’ve ever seen out of a pitcher,” Penny said.  (As reported by Tom Gage.)  This got picked up by Buster Olney on ESPN insider today.

– had a great, in-depth article about Scherzer yesterday.  At least one Czar thinks Scherzer is poised to become an All-Star this year.

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Three more days.

8 thoughts on “News and Notes: Hip Hip…Opening Day”

    1. Ouch, I have him on my fantasy team. ……… Whoops. Maybe he was getting the last bummer game of the year out of his system

  1. Hi All – Yes, hip, hip, hurray as come what may….here we go! This starts my 45th season as a devoted, loyal (and perhaps much abused) Tiger fan. I recall with much good memories of attending every opening day with my Dad from when I was 11 until I headed off to college. [Especially shivering in the shade while sitting on the 1st base line of Tiger Stadium but knowing yes, it was now Spring and winter was officially gone!] Inasmuch, I now proudly play hookie from work and watch opening day (both the away and home games) from the confines of my Direct TV. However Tiger ball is the bridge that keeps my departed Dad and I intact.

    In the midst of our long journey, it is great that I will share it with the knowledge, wisdom, insight, and much need humor of my good friends on the DTW! Good luck to all in our journey and remember to play fair but most importantly enjoy! Hopes springs eternal!

    1. Given a realistic choice, I would rather be a Tiger fan in Mississippi than here in Minnesota. Twenty-two degrees this morning with four inches of snow on the ground, after a season snow fall of 86 inches. Not a day to go out and play catch. And given what the Twinks have been doing to the Tigers, starting in 1987, I feel like I am marooned behind enemy lines. DTW is my communication link to friendlies out there.

      A nice sentiment re the Tigers keeping you and your Dad connected. My late Dad was a great Tiger fan too.

      This will be the first full Tiger season that I will enjoy in since my retirement – on my new big screen, hi-def, Direct TV. (Reminds me, I must get a cup-holder for my chair.)

      1. Hi Tom: Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear about your weather as it makes the cold snap we got here (50F) seem balmy! My brothers, daughter, and I get together every year for a few Tiger games. Usually that is in Arlington when the Tigers play the Rangers. We made that wrap-around series last year and saw the debut of Brennan Boesch when he doubled his first at bat. We also saw A-Jax’s first home run and it was good to know he Dad was in the crowd as he only lives a bit north in Denton, TX. We took three exchange students to the games and one caught a foul off Johnny Damon at his first-ever game. The ball now has autographs from Leyland, Mags, Brennan, and Inge. This year Rangers v. Tigers is during midweek so we are looking at a weekend series in Baltimore this August. Camdens Yards is a great place to watch a game and their fans seem to be baseball smart. Meanwhile we’d love to make it up to Target Field but seems tickets are hard to come by. Stay warm and enjoy the Direct HD!

  2. Porcello has really, really good stuff today. Problem is that he gets into a bind and then gets scared to throw it. He gave up two bloop hits, then jammed Jeter to get to a 2 & 3 with 1 out. He gets scared of Teixeira and Rodriguez and subsequently walks them (though he made Rodriguez look silly on a breaking ball). He then gets Cano on a liner and Swisher easily on a bounce out.

    That’s a long way of saying, I love Porcello’s stuff, once he regains the confidence he had in 2009, he’s gonna be great.

  3. What’s everyone’s predictions?

    I got Baltimore, Detroit, Texas as the AL division winners with LAA as the Wildcard.
    Atlanta, Milwaukee, San Fran as the NL division winners with Philly as the Wildcard.
    World Series is Detroit vs SF, with SF winning.

    MVP’s- Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey
    CY Young- Verlander and Lincecum
    ROY- 3B Mike Moustakas, KC and 1B Brandon Belt, SF.

    San Francisco’s pitching is just too awesome. They got some decent hitting too. Posey Rules.
    I don’t care if I’m wrong about the rest, it just feels good not picking Boston or NYY for anything. I really do like what Baltimore added during the off-season. They are going to score some runs with Markakus, Vladi, Derek Lee, Luke Scott, Adam Jones, Matt Weiters, Brian Roberts, and JJ Hardy. I think Markakus will contend for MVP and Brian Matusz will be a Cy Young threat. Mark Reynolds could lead the majors in Homers. They are a few pitchers short from being a real contender, but it’s fun to dream about them winning 1st when 99% of the world is picking Boston.

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