News and Notes: 3.18.11

– In case you are not following along, Cabrera is mashing to the tune of .357/.391/.714 for an OPS of 1.105.  I’m guessing his OBP could be higher, but he’s swinging to get into shape.

– Benoit has looked very good with a .71 WHIP and 10Ks in 7 IP.

– Valverde has 4 BBs in 7 IP.  Not good.  Perry has 5 in 8 IP.  Schlereth had 4 in 4 batters.  That beard can’t be helping.

– Coke has looked pretty good this spring, but he’s concerned about the velocity on his fastball.  So am I.

– After the Porcello and Perry regressions, it looks like the Tigers are going to take it slow with Jacob Turner.  Good plan.

– Leyland has decided that Guillen and Zumaya will stay in Florida for the start of the season.  Anyone want to take the under on May 15 as the first date that either will appear?

2 thoughts on “News and Notes: 3.18.11”

  1. Yes, Cabrera is following his tradition for no need for Spring training as he has picked right off on where he left off in 2010. I enjoyed MLB’s 30 Teams in 30 Days segment on the Tigers, especially Leyland’s comment on Cabrera’s weight. That is his performance can be effected by being either to thin or too thick.

  2. Speaking of Carlos Guy-on-IR, I noticed Will Rhymes quotes about Pedroia (we’re the same size, similar types of players, etc). Brilliant: plant the idea–Rhymes, Pedroia-type. Only a matter of time until Uncle Smokey starts referring to him this way. If the baseball thing doesn’t work out, maybe he should try politics…

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