How Will You Follow the Tigers This Year?

Some of my fondest memories as a kid recall listening to Ernie Harwell on a summer night through an old mini-boombox (maybe even a dual cassette one!) or clock radio.  I loved hearing the same sponsors year over year.  There was something about listening until the game was over, and trying to stay awake long enough to hear the game recap.  Even if it was a loss, at least they’d talk about probables for tomorrow.  Then I would wake up and double check my memory via the box score, and look around the league to see who had a big night.

As a result, I’m a radio first guy, for all sports.  Even if I’m watching the game, I’m usually muting Rod and Mario in favor of the sweet melody of Dan and Jim.  I think some people may do step one without step two.

But I’m curious to know, how do you follow?

This will mark my 6th year of, it’s a must for any out of town fan.  I also have XM radio, which covers all MLB games, and then At Bat for the iPhone.  I’m even considering adding it for my iPad.  I know, its ridiculously redundant, but I want Tigers baseball at my every disposal.

Unfortunately, and to the dismay of commenters on its website, MLB does not offer package pricing.  So it’s $120 for, and then $15 each for the iPhone and iPad apps.  This sounds like price gouging, but I’m about to pay it.  On the other hand, $150 for a year of Tigers’ baseball (~$200 if you include the XM subscription during the season) through virtually every electronic medium I own?  Not bad.

I’m also considering adding a Roku or Apple TV into the mix, so that I can stream the game from through my TV (as opposed to my computer monitor).  I’d love to hear your thoughts if you are familiar with either.

And what about Twitter?  I follow Jason Beck, Dickerson, billfer and Det_Sports.  Anyone else out there hot on the Tigers?

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