2010 Winter Meetings: Day 3 (updated)

(updated as necessary)

Tigers talking to the Cubs about a a borderline 5th starter, but at least he’s a lefty.

– Ordonez is the apple of Boston’s eye, reports Danny Knobler, though Boras suggests that there are several serious suitors.  Maggs worked out today in Florida to show everyone how is ankle is doing.  Tigers are mum on what they saw.

Thoughts on how to use Guillen in 2011 from Lynn Henning.  Henning also had a good piece on how this has really been a seller’s market (blame Werth) and the Tigers may be able to rely on what they already have.

– Sheffield and Damon to unite in Tampa?

UPDATE – Crawford to the Red Sox

Jon Heyman of SI is reporting that the Red Sox have signed Crawford to 7 yrs for $142M.  (Just over $20M per year).  I’m guessing that the Red Sox are no longer interested in Maggs, and I’m wondering if they were using him as a means to play it cool around Crawford.

Look for the Tigers to settle with Maggs at around 2 for $19M in the next few days.