Sparky Anderson Passes Away

My baseball consciousness arose in the mid-80’s, and Sparky was Tiger baseball.  I consider myself fortunate.

I’d love for some of you to share your favorite Sparky memories.

5 thoughts on “Sparky Anderson Passes Away”

  1. I met a guy the other day he told me a story about Sparky. He met him at a golf course and he was eating and Sparky and Tramell and others were just leaving and the guy stopped Sparky to ask him a quick baseball question and Sparky stopped to give him a long good answer. The other guys said we’ll meet you in the car and they were clearly in a hurry, but Sparky sat down for like 5-10 minutes cause after he answered the question it triggered another story that really went along with the topic so he sat there to give him this long full complete story and even one of the guys came back in to pull him out cause they were trying to leave and Sparky was like it’ll have to wait, we’re talking baseball over here.

  2. My son calld me Friday and read the news to me. Knew he was in hospice care, but at first I didn’t believe him when he told me of his death. I said, “are you sure?” “‘I’ts right along the bottom of the screen, mom.” He mentioned Ernie and now Sparky and then he just couldn’t talk any,more. He grew up with Sparky and Ernie. It’s too much to bear to have to have lose guys like that in the same year. We both could barely talk, so we just said goodbye. He loved Sparky and so did I.

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