News & Notes: 11.20.2010

–¬†DD’s latest interview infers that a big bat is top priority now.

– Ni was sent down, and Alberto Alburquerque (not to be confused with “Albuquerque”) signed to minor league deal and added to the 40.

– Ordonez news – Boras is already doing his thing, and Jason Beck thinks this means that Maggs will sit deep into free agency before making a decision.

РHeyman furthered the notion of a Grienke deal, and ponders Рwhy not Soria too?  Interestingly, Soria has a limited no-trade clause that gives him the right to veto deals to the Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies, Red Sox, Tigers and Yankees.

– Apparently, no trade to the Tigers clauses are popular these days.

7 thoughts on “News & Notes: 11.20.2010”

  1. The no-trade clauses mean we’ve hit the big-time, and are considered a big market team. Players do that to force teams to renegotiate their contracts up in return for waiving their no-trade. That’s why most no-trade clause lists start off with Yankees and Red Sox.

    It used to be the exact opposite–no-trade lists used to always start Royals, Pirates, and before 2006, Tigers.

    1. Well I guess his particular no-trade list came from his desire to not want to live in those cities or play for teams he personally doesn’t care for perhaps. Upton doesn’t like crappy teams in midwest cities, and is afraid of living in an earthquake zone but will chance it is it’s for one of the good California teams.

  2. I wonder if any players have clauses against being traded for a player to be named later. Because if I’m being traded, I want to know for whom–now!!

  3. Signing Victor Martinez is huge for the Tigers. It fills two needs with one stroke – great job Dombrowski. I have a few thoughts on the signing… just click on my name above.

  4. Remember when Johnny Damon looked at Miguel and said, “MVP, baby, MVP.” Please don’t disappoint me, Johnny.

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