Game 2010.155: Twins at Tigers

Final home game of the season for the Boys.  Who’s going?

3 thoughts on “Game 2010.155: Twins at Tigers”

  1. I was there. Like last year, lots of extra giveaways. Brookens brought out as many baseballs as he could put in his pockets every inning and gave them to the kids in the first few rows at 1B. After the players and coaches gave their jerseys to selected fans after the game (and autographed the jerseys), Inge tossed balls in the stands behind the Tiger dugout like he did last year. Cabrera gave a wave to fans along 1B line after 9th inning — uh, didn’t do that last year.

    Last Boston Cooler of the year from the ice cream stand behind the carousel. Already looking forward to April 8, 2011.

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