Game 2010.141: White Sox at Tigers

Tigers with a chance to take their second straight series against the Bad Guys in 2010.

First of all, props to Bondo last night.  He had his best outing of the season, striking out 8 over 8 IP, allowing only 1 run, 3 hits and 1 walk.  Of his 16 non-strike outs, 13 were ground outs.

Gavin Floyd has been pretty good all season, and even better over his last 10.  During that stretch he’s posted a 3.06 ERA, 1.37 WHIP and 7.57 K/9.  He was shelled in back to back starts by the Twins in mid-August, but in his other 8 games he has not allowed more than 2 runs in any game (1.54 ERA and 1.18 WHIP).

Porcello got roughed up a little last time out, giving up 4 over 7 IP in a win over KC, but had fantastic back to back starts prior to his last game.

A few quick notes:

– Tigers are 19 games over at home, and 19 games under on the road this season.  Their RS is +2 over RA, for a 70-70 X W-L.

– Tigers are 8-1 with a 1.80 ERA over their last 9 home games.

– Not surprisingly, Tigers rookies have 439 hits this season, most since 1961 (and likely will set an all-time record).

7 thoughts on “Game 2010.141: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. .162/.232/.225…

    Does Boesch have the 2011 RF job nailed down? Or is it going to be up for grabs in Spring Training?

    1. I’d like to see them bring Maggs back for another year, maybe with an incentive laden contract due to his injury. With Guillen gone (hopefully) they can spell him a DH frequently. So far all Boesch has proved is that his first half was a fluke. The only thing he has nailled down at this point is a ticket to Toledo. He’s got a lot of work to do just to earn a SPOT on the opening day roster, despite what JL says. Depending on how active DD is this off-season, only a few players have jobs nailed down. Current RFielders and LFielders are not among them IMO.

  2. So nice to spank the w. sux! It will be a great consolation if we help keep them out of the postseason.

  3. No real surprise, but this team continues to defy logic – relieve them of the pressure of expectations (to win the division) and of a pennant race, and they play like a division leader…

    I don’t know about you, but they’ve already set the hook in me for next year – sure they have some important holes to fill, but they also have purged some payroll anchors – if they’re smart with their money and personnel moves this winter/spring, i’m sold… even with JL at the helm (for the 1st half anyway)

    As long as Rhymes and Boesch have a good winter and spring, i would make them the starting 2B & RF… and unless they are able to locate a dependable .270+/decent fielding catcher this winter (good luck), Avila (with some focused winter hitting instruction) could be #1 catcher in 2010. I would not sign Adam Dunn – he’s going to want WAY MORE ($60M over 5 yrs) than he’s worth, and Tigers do not need any more slow/poor fielding OF’s who strike out a lot – even if he can put up 30 HR’s… and unless they can move Guillen and his contract (fat chance), they’ll have their $13M DH next year… well for about 80 – 100 games anyway.

  4. At this point it would be hard to convince to pick Boesch over Casper. Boesch has way more power, but Casper seems like a more patient, mature hitter. When Boesch was tearing it up he was up there hacking; now that that isn’t working he seems unable to adjust. I’m betting Casper is far less prone to protracted slumping.

    And Casper is better in the field. And Glove Don’t Slump.

    (Boesch seems to have regressed also as a fielder, which suggests his problems may have spread from the bat to the head).

    (OK, one more: I wish Casper had Boesch’s wheels–the big guy can get around the bases…here’s a thought, teach the guy to bunt…the infield plays him pretty deep).

  5. I think the ‘available dollars’ for free agents is a bit overstated by JL and the media – seeing as there are not many quality FA’s available at the positions the Tigers need. The Yankees will overpay and sign Crawford (who would have been a fit for the Tiger’s OF)… and if JL has any say (and he will), he’ll want to sign some veterans (typically in the twilight of their careers) – so it will be interesting to see if Rhymes, Wells, Avila and Boesch are even in the mix for a starting role after FA signings.

    The 2011 Tigers ‘could be’ significantly different from the 2010 roster – does DD re-sign FA Inge, Ordonez, Damon, Bondo, Zumaya, etc – or do they turn the page and move in a different direction?

    1. I’d pay Ordonez to be the DH, and I’d take a risk on Zumaya. I have no interest in Inge, Damon or Bondo. Damon seems to be a good dude, but he’s an aging singles hitter who can’t play the field. Hire him as a coach.

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