What does Damon do about Damon?

(don’t laugh at the graphic, I’m still learning)

Well, Johnny Damon has been claimed off of waivers by the Red Sox.  Damon seems as if he wants to stay, but it must be tough considering DD (and perhaps JL) would rather give someone else his playing time.  If you will recall, Damon parted with the Red Sox nation on less than ideal terms after they failed to make signing him a priority; though the current Red Sox clubhouse is saying all the right things to woo him back.

On the field, his contributions to the Tigers have been positive, though not quite to the extent that we were hoping.  He’s got an OPS+ of 106, but most of that comes from the OBP component, as he has only 40 extra base hits.  Moreover, he’s primarily been a DH appearing in only 36 games in left.  On the other hand, he seems to be a voice in the club house and was responsible for the first walk-off HR of the season (that I can remember).

8 thoughts on “What does Damon do about Damon?”

  1. Go Johnny Go (to the Red Sox).

    Even with his good OBP (mostly with the bases empty I might add), the Tigers need to get younger and fill the roster spot with a position player. After all these years the Tigers still have too many DHs. And, by the way, the Tigers need to figure out what a DH is for (a power bat).

  2. I guess I’d like to (conditionally) see him back next year. That condition would probably be by-by to Guillen. The Tigers might not be blameless in the way they’ve handled Carlos these last few years, but his injury woes are comical at this point. If they Sheffield Guillen, I think that leaves a role for Damon on the team. The only other thing, and I don’t know how likely (or desirable) this is, but if resigning Damon would hurt our chances of landing a guy like Crawford, I would be ok with parting ways. Other than that, I like what he brings in a leadership capacity, and if nothing else, he can help woo other talent to the team.

    1. same thing here, Andre in Chi. I hope he stays, but DD probably wants him gone. I think the team would be very disappointed if he leaves.

    2. Agreed there, We need a BAT, Having Damon here to recruit would be cool. I really like Carlos, but having him hurt ect in and out is bad. I wanted all along to take the hit this year, play the young guys and have at it in ’11. We we did a little of that. 2nd Base, DH and catcher is what we need. re sign Inge / Paralta for low bucks if you can.
      Damon as DH / Coach / general good guy can help. All that being said what happens to Maggs. Do we dump him and hand it to Boesch (fading rapidly) or resign or get a new guy.

      PS, if you are thinking about a roadie this week, Toronto is a great city to catch the Tigers in. Good Park, all downtown and plenty of stuff to do. Hockey HOF is right there. Easy to catch a Friday night / Saturday afternoon game and be home by 7:30.


  3. If you go there will be trouble…
    But if you stay it will be double.
    So you gotta let us know,
    should you stay or should you go?

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