Game 2010.132: Tigers at Twins

Duensing has been nothing short of phenomenal since entering the rotation in late July.  During that span he is 4-1 with a 2.67 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP.  For the year his BABIP is a low .249 and he strands 85% of the runners that get on.  He’s been getting grounds outs at a 2/1 ratio over flyouts, and two starts ago he went 8 innings against LA, allowed 7 hits, struck out 6, and had a ridiculous 16 to 1 GO/AO ratio.  His only blemish for the season (he was a stud out of the bullpen) came in his last start in Texas, where he allowed 4 earned in six innings.  Which really isn’t all that bad.  He’s primarily a fastball guy who works the corners well.

Galarraga has been very good over his last three starts and has a sub-4 ERA since the All Star break.  He’s been getting more Ks as of late, and has been walking fewer batters.

A few notes:

– Rhymes is hitting .422 with six RBI over his last 11 games, and .333 for the month of August.

– Tigers have hit a HR in each of their last 11 road games.

– Raburn leads the AL with 21 RBI since August 5th.

– Cabrera is on a 12 game hit streak, batting .409 in that span.

38 thoughts on “Game 2010.132: Tigers at Twins”

  1. 10 games out at this point may be too much but if the Tigers could take 2 of 3 here there may be signs of October life.

    – the eternal optimist

    1. I think it would need to be a sweep. Twins were 6.5 out last year on September 7th, though I don’t see the Twins faltering over the final three weeks like the Tigers did last year.

      I’m not gonna get my hopes up and aim to simply enjoy the transition to football season.

      1. Kevin,

        Are you a Lions fan, we can be slightly optimistic this year. They are really headed in the right direction. Couple more years and we are a play off team.

  2. Ryan all-star Raburn. Not only does he hit a homer every couple games, but he also has a rocket for an arm. Apparently. I think he found himself a DeLorean and drove back to 2009 in an alternate universe where he gets a start everyday and wins MVP. I like that Raburn. Please don’t revert back to Ryan Rayburn. He sucks.

  3. I love pounding the Twins. I will say this, since I have MLB EI, The Twins announcers are really pretty good. Extremely knowledgeable and not homers at all. While I like Rod an Mario, these guys are better and I dare say by a lot. Rod is funny, but I want a guy teaching and telling me more about the game of baseball. Mario is adequate but he could spend a day or two with Vin Scully and learn to spin an interesting story instead of telling me the information. I like Mario and Rod, but like all of us with a little work they could be better.


    1. Steve, I’m pretty sure that we all love pounding twins. Or that we all would love to. Unfortunately, I have not, but I can still dream.

  4. Do you pull Galarraga here? I’d probably let him go v. Hardy, if he gets an out there, then give him Span. Though we’ll need Thomas or Coke to be ready.

  5. You know what would be cool? If Leyland brings out Valverde in the 8th.

    By “cool” I mean “frustratingly ridiculous.”

  6. That was a pretty generous call. I don’t think that slider even started out over the plate, much less ended up there.

  7. Rhymes needs to do more damage with that slide. I know hes tiny and all, but he needs to at least make some contact there.

  8. Great ball game. Twins executed, we didn’t, simple as that. Poor Battlestar, he really deserved a W.

    1. Same old, same old. It’s been going on for most of the season, no reason to expect anything different now.

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