Game 2010.115: Tigers at White Sox

Tigers in the Windy City for a three game set.  A W tonight would grant us our first 2 game winning streak in 3 weeks.    A winning series would be the first in a month.  Man this has been rough.  But as Ron Washington said, “that’s the way baseball go.”

Alright friends, let’s back the boys.

L E T S   G O   T I G E R S.

41 thoughts on “Game 2010.115: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. I agree, LETS go Tigers. A win with Hawk doing the game would be alright with me. A win with FSN Detroit would be better.


  2. My daughter will be at the game tonight. She’ll be the one wearing the Cabrera jersey 😉

    Let’s Go Tigers!! I mean it!

  3. be nice to get a couple…Berhle owns the Tigers much like many other pitchers.. With CB Buckner behind the plate you have to make a good guess as to what he will CALL a strike and what he will call a ball, because he’s brutal a lot of the time

  4. I will look this up later, but I would be willing to bet Damon will set a career high this season in called 3rd strikes

    1. That was a tough situation for him there. He has exactly 1 RBI vs a LH pitcher this year, plus he hasn’t done particularly well with RISP anyway. We need to sign this guy long term, right?

    2. Wouldn’t be surprised. He’ll probably return to form next year……kinda lik AH. I can’t even say his name.

  5. The radar gun on the Chicago station I’m watching had Bondo up to 94 a few times earlier, is anybody seeing the same thing on the Detroit feed?

    If so, that would be a really good sign for him going into next year. It kind of makes sense that it would take a long time for the velocity to come back considering the trauma of having a rib removed.

  6. Is there an equivalent “line” for pitchers similar to the “Mendoza line” for batters? Bonderman’s ERA going over 5 that inning brought that thought to mind.

  7. Speaking of the Mendoza line, with that bunt single Laird is sneaking ever closer – hitting .192 now.

  8. Just checked the Chicago doppler. Not looking too good. Rain is heading over Lake Michigan. They might have a small window to finish the game, but there’s another batch of rain right behind this one.

  9. And lets not forget Bonderman’s rainout shellacking earlier this year. If that game counted, his ERA for his ‘bounce back’ year would be at 5.50. Enjoy that retirement Jeremy!

  10. Those first four innings were likely one of his best 4 inning strings all season. Damn 9 inning rule.

  11. We’re in an unprecedented run of relievers upping their ERA everytime out. More coming tomorrow.

  12. So, How do I go about changing my name? Just sign in with kathy1 instead? Someone else made a comment with the name kathy and I didn’t make it. I am assuming HR is Hanley Ramirez. I never said that.

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