Game 2010.100: Tigers at Rays

The Tigers attempt to go for their first win in my posting history.  A no hitter and a great game from the otherwise average James Shields are tough acts to surpass.  I’ve got a good feeling that it goes our way tonight.

Eddie Bonine takes on Jeff Niemann.  Bonine has been great out of the pen this year, posting a 4-0 record, 2.72 ERA and 1.26 whip, but his longest outing has been 4 innings.  He’s got plenty of starting experience (21 last year, 4 in the bigs and 17 with Toledo), so let’s hope he’s up to the task.

Niemann has been a stud for Tampa this year, posting an 8-3 record with a 2.95 ERA, 94 Ks in 128.1 IPs, and a 1.13 WHIP.

Cabrera has been a monster as of late, batting .421 with 10 RBIs in his last 10 games.  The rest of the team, not so good.

(edit, thanks to Mr. X)

Jackson has been HOT. He has 13 hits in the past 7 days. His only hitless game since the AS break was in that no hitter.

Damon has been hitting well also. .368 AVG, with a .455 OBP, in the past 7 days.

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  1. Well you’re going to have to win your first with Lucky Lloyd McClendon as your manager–Leyland has been suspended for tonight’s game (for spitting sunflower seeds, although I suspect it could just as well be for his comments about said incident).

    So, good luck!

  2. Jackson has been HOT. He has 13 hits in the past 7 days. His only hitless game since the AS break was in that no hitter.

    Damon has been hitting well also. .368 AVG, with a .455 OBP, in the past 7 days.

  3. Per MLB Trade Rumors Tigesr acquire Jhonny Peralta from Cleveland for 19 year old pitcher Giovanni Soto.

      1. Hmmm, Soto was putting up some nice numbers for a young kid, I’m not sure what Peralta brings us. He also has a club option for $7mm next year that I can’t imagine the Tigers would pick up.

        1. EDIT: this also spells the end of the Wilin Ramirez era, he was DFA’d to make room for Jhonny

  4. Peralta seems to have lost a lot of his power but he should be an upgrade. I’d expect Sizemore to go back to 2B and Rhymes to be the odd man out. Or maybe Larish, Leyland doesn’t seem to like him.

    According to Rotowire they DFA’d Wilkin Ramirez to make room on the 40 man. That is surprising, although he is having a terrible year.

    1. Sean Casey and Harold Reynolds from MLB Network were saying that Peralta’s numbers probably dropped off because the Indians gutted their team. They think getting traded to a contender will do him good, and he’ll do better now since he’ll probably be batting in front of Cabrera. I hope they’re right.

  5. Now I’m irritated–I’m going to miss the first few innings getting a haircut of all things, because they’re running an hour late. Oh well, hopefully it’s some sort of good omen.

  6. Nevermind, I just saw the lineup, I won’t be missing much it seems.

    Raburn in CF, Wee Willie Rhymes leading off, AJax warming the bench, or should I say heating the bench, since he’s been so hot…

  7. Thanks so much Billfer- for this webblog. I’ve always loved baseball, but thanks to your site, I’ve come to appreciate baseball stats and how it puts a whole new interesting perspective on the game. Not that I’m an expert by any means– I’m always learning.. but just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to learn something new and challenging to me 🙂

  8. can we please have another call go against in this series/season? 45 isn’t quite enough. goodness.

  9. I really think it’s time Leyland (McClendon tonight) change something up with Boesch. He’s been struggling big time lately, especially with RISP. Try moving him up or down in the order to give him a new look.

  10. I have the Tampa feed tonight. The Announcers are decent and not real homey They spent a couple minutes talking about Miggys blast and how he “coils” and swings. And WOW was that a blast !!!!!

    I think we could all use a win tonight


    1. I really wouldn’t mind AJax, Peralta, Boesch, Cabrera, Damon and the Mud Hens after that. I think that would help Boesch get better pitches and putting a veteran bat after Cabrera who can make consistent contact to move runners would help prevent teams from walking him once a game.

      1. I would flip flop Boesch and Damon in your lineup, but I get what you are saying. Unfortunately we are essentially giving up spots 6-9 in the order, but what can you do when a third of your starting lineup is on the DL?

        1. I’m with you guys there. Just need someone to protect Cabrera. Damon’s ability to work the count and draw a walk would definitely help.

    1. Well at least we have a thread to curse with………………….

      Thanks for doing this.


      1. Happy to do it. I’ll throw the thread up early tomorrow morning so we can put this one behind us.

      1. Hopefully we get wild David Price that throws 100 pitches in 5 innings because otherwise I fear we could get no-hit again. And hopefully we get 8 innings of shutout ball from Porcello becuase that probably our only chance to win.


  11. This has been a very miserable 3 weeks since the ASB. At least DD will not be making any trades as the Tigers fall out of the race

  12. Maybe somebody can explain more of this to me, because this trade has yet to make sense to me.

    So, the Indians are paying most of JaHonny’s salary this year, and he has a $7m option next year. Previously, DD said he wouldn’t trade picks for rentals, so one wonders if the plan is to pick up Peralta’s option next year. I guess they could try to resign him to a lower deal too after declining the option but A) I’m not sure what the process is for this; and 2) If he doesn’t perform well enough to warrant a $7m option, I’m not sure why you go to the effort of resigning him when you already have Worth and Sizemore (or some other out-of-house option). So this is a gamble? He used to be a 20/80 guy with good/decent fielding. However, his offense dates back to when the Indians had Blake, Sizermore (healthy), Hafner (in roids-Pujols-lite mode), and V-Mart. The defense probably won’t pick back up but, as other mentioned, the Tigers line-up (when healthy) is much better than Cleveland’s current lineup, so his offense might see an uptick. Still, this feels like a glorified try-out, and we won’t really know what he can do until Maggs and Co. come back. This doesn’t really seem like a great environment to rediscover one’s MoJo, so I’m not sure what he’ll do to secure that option. Weird move as of right now, but I guess we’ll see.

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