Game 2010.053: Indians at Tigers

David Huff and Rick Porcello in the rubber game of the series. Does anybody feel better yet?

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  1. I am going today but I just feel sick. It’s so sad for everyone involved. Baseball is not supposed to be so sad.

  2. Unbelievable. GM just presented Armando Galarraga a new Corvette right on the field. He sat in the car and all his teammates congratulated him for his more than perfect game..

  3. Good things happen when you take the high road. In the words of Ron Burgundy – stay classy..

  4. Brandon 0-2 with two groundouts. He’s probably got 35% of the vote for Player of the Game. (sigh)

  5. can there be a worse defensive team than the Tigers… gosh this is horrible 42 errors and counting by the inning

  6. goodness, nothing like kicking away THAT 4-run lead in about 30 seconds. yikes.

  7. Porcello looks awful right now and is getting no help from his defense. Armando had to get 28 outs last night, today it looks like we might need to give the Indians 38 to get through 9 innings.

  8. how can you go from a poor defensive team two years ago to a pretty good defensive team last year to a horrible defensive team this year with basically the same players,. I know there has been a change at second but but 42 errors haven’t come from 2nd base

  9. Inge…Inge…Inge. Your one attribute is defense and you let a routine chopper go under your glove to open the floodgates to a huge inning. Maybe the fans have wised up and will only give Brandon 25% of the vote today for Player of the Game. Two groundouts (one of which failed to move a runner over from second with none out in 2nd) and HUGE error. Way to go Brandon. Someone on this team always has to do something jaw-droppingly awful just about every game, don’t they?

    1. “Someone on this team always has to do something jaw-droppingly awful just about every game, don’t they?”

      No kidding. I mean, last night Galarraga BARELY got out of the 9th inning when he allegedly allowed a baserunner. πŸ˜‰

      1. I said “just about every game” Mark, not every game. If you can’t agree with that I guess you don’t watch enough games.

  10. Way to give up on the sacrifice Jimmy. You’ve only got your best hitters coming up. I’m sure that Everett was probably “due” or some other outdated way of thinking that led you to let him swing away. Great managing again Ol’ Smoky.

  11. as Everett pops out for the 100000000000000000 time this year rod says “He’s been doing that a lot this year”…….duh!

    1. I liked his comment on Marson: he’s best in the league at throwing out runners, but they were hoping to get more offense out of him, he’s struggling at .205

      Wow, a catcher hitting .205? That’s looking pretty good to us Tiger fans about now…

    1. Just think of the pressure of being Inge at bat, and knowing you’ve got the Mendoza Twins following you

    2. As thin as the chances my be, at least there is a glimmer of hope when Inge is up..
      Brandon Inge: Last Chance ‘Till AJax

  12. Inge actually does something positive! His Player of the Game vote soars to 41% on FSN Detroit. Go ahead and show me your intelligence again Tiger fans and put this schlub as your Player of the Game.

  13. Don’t pinch hit Snatiago for Everett whatever you do Ol’ Smoky. Another great non-move from Ol’ Smoky. I’m sure Everett is still “due”.

    1. heres Smokey’s exact rational…if I pinch hit Ramon and then he has to go in the field and he and Inge go for a ball and collide and i have to take them out of the game….I will not have any back ups……….plus he will tell you Everrett is due

  14. how come whenever they show DD on the TV screen up in the booth, I am hoping he is on the phone looking for a catcher and a SS

  15. That’s too bad that ball bounced into the stands, Jackson had at least a stand-up triple on that one.

  16. Don’t give up on the bunt this time Ol’ Smoky. You’ve got Maggs and Miggy coming up.
    Yay! You did the right thing for a change, even if we don’t score a run. Thank you for actually doing something correctly.

  17. AJax really is pretty incredible. If I’m Cleveland I almost have to stop pitching to him.

  18. strange but not for Smokey a defensive replacement in left for another defensive replacement who started

  19. This just in: Selig won’t overturn blown call in near-perfect game.

    In other news, MLB has lost all credibility.

    So depressing.

  20. can’t help but notice on Gameday that Branyan’s fly out to Jackson in CF is actually beyond the wall a little bit. Did AJAX take away a home run today, too?

        1. However, he made a Willie Mays type over-the-shoulder grab in the first inning in a full sprint towards the center field wall in the first inning. I thought it was actually a better play than last night’s catch, although obviously the catch today did not carry the same magnitude as did the play last night

      1. and Smokey will convince himself he was right as usual and Everett gets to play another month now

  21. Frickin..Yesssssss…Miggggggggggggggy

    hey wheres this stuff been the past two weeks by the way?

    1. imho, it his throwing according to all the announcers. I’m listening on the radio and also watching TV. Like I said before, both the SS and Miggy try to compensate for Guillen’s shortcomings at 2nd base.

    2. It’s his arm slot on his throws. Making the ball tail on him. He needs to come more over the top on his throws. It’ll be fixed soon, I’m sure.

    1. Inge got the hat facing forward and shoes on the right feet. Totally POTG for those moves.

    2. Absolutely! He’s so awesome! We are soooo lucky to have him! (sarcasm intended)

  22. Wonder if Grandy caught the highlights and Jackson’s catch. He probably feels good for Jackson knowing we got a worthy replacement.

  23. That homestand was awful. 3-4 against two teams that won’t be in the postseason. Hopefully we continue our trend of plauying well vs. KC in KC this weekend. Two out of three would be nice and very doable with no Greinke pitching. The bad news is that Bannister is pitching Sunday and we all know his daytime track record (basically he’s Superman). Need Scherzer and Verlander to be on their game.

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