Game 2010.045: Tigers at Mariners

A Miguel Cabrera-less lineup is set to take on Doug Fister and the Seattle Mariners. Justin Verlander takes the ball for the Tigers.

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    1. Exactly–he’s playing 1st, and that’s where the cleanup hitter plays, who the heck made out this lineup, Gene Lamont?

  1. looks like scherzer had another good outing …what that means at this time is anyones guess…

  2. RA Dickey pitched well tonight and he doesn’t even have an ulnar collateral ligament. There’s hope for Willis.

  3. Is anyone else a little uncomfortable with the June 4th promotion (behind the Mariners on deck circle).

      1. Disappointingly, fans will find that it’s just a night where before the game King Felix stretches, does a bit of long-toss, and does a couple of drills with the pitching coach

          1. Mom, can you make us all some grilled cheese before you put on your face cream? You promised!

              1. See, she said it was guys night out at Bilfer’s place. So I joked back that mom should make us grilled cheese before going to bed.


  4. Four of the following Five are current Metro Detroit headlines. Which is the impostor??
    * Kilpatrick imprisoned, faces 1½ to 5 years
    * Riddle: ‘It’s a great day to go to jail’
    * Inge: How I learned to lay off the breaking ball
    * Spokesman likens Kilpatrick sentencing to apartheid
    * Man sought in robberies of Family Dollar stores

      1. Oh man. I wish it were the apartheid comment. A race baiting administration to the end.

        Hey I didn’t start watching the game till the 3rd…did Inge go into the stands?

  5. I disagree actually. Assuming things are at least somewhat as presented, Miggy made a commitment to stop with all the drinking, and be a better, more mature family man, and presumably ballplayer. By giving him the time off, the Tigers do their part to be partners in this. I think the long-term benefits of this could easily outweigh whatever effects it has on this 2-game series.

    1. And, considering when she became “with child”, I’d say he’s definitely doing the right thing.

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