Game 2010.034: Yankees at Tigers

One game down, one to go. Rick Porcello did his part to stymie the Yankees and save the bullpen. Can Jeremy Bonderman beat Phil Hughes tonight as well?

41 thoughts on “Game 2010.034: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. I’ll be interested to see what Bondo does with his work-in-progress forkball/split finger tonight. He gave up a couple of bullets with it in the rained out game against the Indians and I want to see if he throws it tonight. He has to be able to get it down in the zone. I hope he doesn’t abandon it because I think developing something like a split is crucial to his becoming an effective major league pitcher again. I’m delighted he’s throwing without pain but I’d like to see some outs, too.

  2. Glad to see that outing by Little Ricky. Well pitched…well done! He saved some of the bullpen assets for the next games.

  3. I’d like to see us beat up on this Phil Hughes…..I think he’s due for a good old fashioned whopping!

  4. Damn, Hughes looks pretty good. Although they are working him for pitches…get him out early and break their BP? 😀

    1. That Eminem sure does have a way with words. Nothing but lucidness and clarity when he speaks.
      Fortunately Jay-Z realized he had to step in a few times during the interview to speak for the tongued-tied “great Detroit hope.”

      1. I wasn’t listening. Was that sarcasm about Eminem’s “way with words”? Assuming so, I’ll just point out that there’s a big difference between being a writer — who is expected to say say something profound and may take as much time as necessary to make that happen — and being a politician — who merely has to say something that sounds good in a manner that seems off-the-cuff.

        1. Sure it was.
          He could not complete a sentence to promote the concert during the interview. He seemed a bit “hazy” for some reason. Jay-Z had to speak for him.
          Also, let’s not mistake pop musicians for good writers or politicians for good speakers.

          1. But he’s probably a multi millionaire because he writes his thoughts on paper. I could care less if he’s nervous in an interview.

  5. Bases loaded, one out…….can’t get at least 1 run……sad…..can’t be giving up opportunities like that against the Yanks…….because most likely you won’t get that chance again.

  6. 5 hits in the first game and only 3 hits so far this game…..the bats better wake up soon!

  7. Kelly is a bust, but I guess we neerd the IF on the bench. If we let him go who comes up – Dlugach? Is Guillen done as the ocassional LF? How about backup at 3B-1B? Boesch has to stay.

    1. If they send BB down after all he has done so far…….there will be another riot in Detroit!

  8. A well pitched game by Bondo…..just a shame we could’t get him any runs.

  9. Seriously, no one is commenting on the fact that half the team got mohawks this afternoon??

    1. The Damon effect.
      First white robes, nest mohawks and then Tiger player autobiographies entitled along the lines of “Dummy,” Moron,” and “Stupid.”

      1. Only the hitters I guess. Apparently it helped the pitchers to take a little bit off.

  10. The boot by Santiago (not that it cost them anything) was No. 29 for the Tigers – they lead the league. Twins have 7.

      1. Well, the plan was to save the bullpen – and he did – 2/3 of an inning. Now he can go back to Toledo and they can bring up another inning eater (Fein?) for tomorrow’s game.

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