What I Think About the 2010 Season

I’m not going to do a big prediction post this season. I did make some predictions for Baseball Daily Digest. I have the Tigers finishing second behind the Twins, and pretty much have the AL Central finishing the same as last season. I think the Tigers are about an 82-83 win team with enough upside and risk that the basement and first place are both within reach in a narrow division.

Having said that, here are some thoughts (almost like predictions) about what we’ll see this season from Detroit.

  • Scott Sizemore will succeed. I’m not predicting ROY awards (though I wouldn’t be shocked) but he’ll hit well enough that his average fielding won’t be an issue. Plus he’ll say the right things and do all those little things that are so popular that fans will love him.
  • Magglio Ordonez’s contract will be an issue once again this season as he approaches his vesting milestones. He’ll hit over .300 and be productive enough that cutting him won’t be a viable option.
  • The Tigers will use at least 9 starters this year.
  • Andy Oliver might not be one of those starters, but I bet he sees big league innings this year.
  • Clete Thomas is the first Mud Hen to be called up.
  • Adam Everett will struggle with the stick (even for his standards) and there will be calls for Brent Dlugach by mid May.
  • Jeremy Bonderman gets more starts than Dontrelle Willis
  • Verlander wins the Cy Young award

8 thoughts on “What I Think About the 2010 Season”

  1. … ironic. Grandy had one last night… it will be interesting to compare the former Tigers and the new Tigers as the year goes.

  2. I picked the Tigers to win the World Series. I think everything is clicking into place. I think we’ll positively build on our pitching/defense strategy from last season, but our hitting will be the biggest surprise.

    Verlander will be very dominating again. 20 win season.
    Porcello will have better peripherals and an ERA below 3.
    Bonderman and Scherzer will be solid and win 14+ games each.
    Willis/Galarraga will combine for 12+ wins.
    Bullpen is very dependable. Valverde leads the league in saves.

    Austin Jackson wins ROY. .300 BA, .360 OBP, 110 runs scored, 30 sb’s. Great defense.
    Johny Damon is everything we ever wanted from a LF. Good Speed, hitting, defense, and a great table setter for the big boys behind him. He’s got some pop too.
    Magglio Ordonez is old self, hits .330, 30 HR’s, 120 RBI’s
    Miguel Cabrera is the new Big Hurt 45 HR’s, 150 RBI’s, .350 batting average. Triple crown like numbers.
    Guillen- he just hits and also knows how to get on base. DH of our dreams.
    Inge baby Inge. Awesome Defense, 30 HRs. 90 RBI’s. He might even hit over .270.
    Laird/Avila- Great combo. He get defense or hitting in this spot.
    Sizemore- has nice rookie season, adds some pop to the bottom of the line-up.
    Everett/Santiago- They know their rolls. Defense.

    Leyland – Manager of the Year.

    I love this team.

    1. I love your positive thinking! I wouldn’t say all that myself, but I like reading it, thanks!

    2. I literally LOL’d hard thank you Mr. X, you are a comedy gold mine!

      You do know they don’t play in the FSL right?

  3. I predict Polanco and Pujols will tie for the NL RBI crown (jk)

    Classic Granderson last night–yes. he did hit the HR his 1st Yankee AB, but he ended the game against a lefty and became Groundoutson…the familiar good/bad mix we came to love/hate. (odd by the way seeing pinstriped Grandy-Thames together on the Yankee bench..also by the way, I wish they had ties in baseball so we could watch all of those NYY-BOS matchups without having to see one of them win).

    For Inge I predict .240 26HR 85 RBI
    If that sounds odd, it’s in line with his career numbers as a 3B (lifetime BA. .250).

    1. It’s not odd at all, and I’d take it in a heartbeat. Still if he can go the other way with any degree of consistency his BA could and should be higher. Sorry I need to remove my rose-colored Inge goggles that I borrowed from X.

  4. Bill as far as your bullet points go excluding “Verlander 4 Cy!”, those predictions are extremely safe (conservative)… How about going out on a limb?! I mean come on. Nothing on Guillen? Zumaya? Scherzer? Porcello?

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