Game 2010.018: Tigers at Rangers

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The Tigers have dropped 4 straight series openers. They’ve dropped the first two games of each of their last two series. The Tigers will turn to Dontrelle Willis to draw this Rangers series even.

Willis was quite good his last time out allowing just 4 hits and 2 walks in a 6 inning loss to the Angels. Willis faced the Rangers once last year in what was one of the more memorable games of the season. Willis pitched into the 7th inning and only gave up a hit and 2 walks while fanning 5.

The Tigers were set to face Rangers starter Scott Feldman last night before he was scratched due to a lingering illness. That means I get to copy and paste last night’s stuff.

Scott Feldman went 7 innings in his first 2 starts, but didn’t make it out of the 3rd in his latest outing against the Yankees. He faced the Tigers once last year and Detroit got to him for 6 runs in 2.1 innings. Granderson did the bulk of the damage hitting homers in each of the first 2 innings.

Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers – April 24, 2010 – Preview

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  1. 97.1 is reporting that Dontrelle is not pitching tonight due to illness, Brad Thomas makes the start instead.

  2. Naturally since he is sick the entire interwebs is re-heating with Willis bash party. I mean never mind that we are almost 20 games in to the season and in 2010 Dontrelle Willis has less walk and a lower ERA than JUSTIN VERLANDER!

    I’m not saying D-Train is going to sweep the Cy Young voting this year, but it’s obvious that for right now he is pitching a lot better then pretty much everyone expected, and I’d rather see him on the mound than Brad Thomas.

  3. Couldnt they bring up Galarraga…I dont know the last day he pitched but I heard he has some life to his pitching. Well again…Well at least against minor leaguers. I hope I’m wrong but this sounds disasterious…

    1. I am guessing this was pretty last minute and there was no time to bring anybody up. Plus, Willis might be ready to go in the next few days. Therefore you do not have to mess with the roster, but who knows?

  4. Willis saw Boesch was batting fifth and decided to get food poisoning. He may be a head case, but he isn’t stupid.

  5. Well the good news is: the Rangers hit about 50 rockets that inning but we’re only down 2-0.

  6. Can Dontrelle Willis make it to his third May with the Tigers and still have only one win? Stay tuned!

  7. Let’s think long range here…Cabrera will probably be on the All-Star team this season. And he could very well take part in the Home Run Derby. And we may have identified somebody good to serve up some hittable stuff…so there’s that…

  8. man, this is getting ugly. Thomas isn’t fooling anybody and there’s nothing Jimmuh can do. Take one for the team, Brad.

  9. Everything is properly aligned in the universe again tonight…..the Tigers are behind early in the game.

  10. Just saw Bonine up throwing and I’m a little surprised he didn’t get the start seeing as how he’s actually started a game at the major league level in the last 4 years.

    Apparently the Rangers struggle against lefties, but they hadn’t faced Brad Thomas yet.

  11. Rangers announcers going on and on about Inge as if he is Paul Bunyan. Did you know he can hit a golf ball 400 yards? Did you know he can long toss accurately from 300 feet? Did you know he has a career OPS of .700, frighteningly low for a starting AL third baseman?

    Ok, I added the last one.

    1. I never would have guessed…

      He also sleeps standing up with his eyes open and pilots the team plane…

  12. This is why they play the games. I’m sure this would be a 12-2 Rangers win via a computer mock-up, but now looking like, uh, a 13-11 Tigers win.

  13. We scored 8 runs so far. I’m not happy at about this at all. I want to see some home runs. Doubles just aren’t cutting it for me anymore. LOL.

    1. No kidding! You’d think somebody could at least hit for the cycle! What a bunch of losers!

  14. When Jackson has made some of his more impressive catches this year, people have asked “would Curtis have made that play.” It’s hard to say not knowing how they were positioned. I think it’s safe to say Curtis doesn’t make that play.

    1. No complaints whatsoever about Jackson’s defense. He’s better than Granderson in that regard, and it might by by a large margin.

      I do wish AJ would cut down on the Ks with runners on base, but he should get better as he gains experience.

  15. That was a high-lite reel catch by Action Jackson……he has a lot of up-side potential for the future……and will be better than Granderson……looks like an excellent exchange with the Yanks by DD!

      1. He is pretty unbelievable right now. Just unhittable, really, most guys just have no chance.

  16. We even up the series with the worst pitcher on our team starting for us. What a pleasant surprise.

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