Game 2010.015: Tigers at Angels

Head over and read the post game analysis: That’s using all your outs

Were we not just in this same situation on Sunday? Tigers open up a series against a team that just ran off 3 wins by dropping the first two games. Fortunately Max Scherzer stepped up and the offense plated enough runs for a win that time. Can Jeremy Bonderman right the ship after his last rocky appearance?

Jered Weaver goes for the Angels. The Tigers fanned 13 times last night. Weaver has 21 K’s in 19 innings this season and only 3 walks. His only (and very minor) weakness so far is the 4 homers allowed. But with the Tigers only knocking out 8 homers this year it doesn’t really play into their strengths.

It’s a very lefty lineup:

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Kelly, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Santiago, SS
  9. Sizemore, 2B

Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels – April 21, 2010 – Gameday
Jeremy Bonderman photo courtesy of April A Taylor

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  1. Migs has 17 RBI after the first 14 games…..could he get 150 or even break the Tigers record of 183?

  2. Hopefully the Tigers can get and play with a lead tonight……instead of trying for a comeback……exciting or not!

    1. Haha…is it too soon to start thinking what kind of package they’d get back for trading Johnny to a contender in July? … Not that I’m giving up on the season, just being realistic at this point. Can’t win in the AL with only one real power threat in your 1 through 9.

      1. Well you could win in the AL..w/out power if you had speed, great defense, excellent pitching, hit well w/ RISP, or did a good job making productive outs and wasted few scoring opportunities. Uh Oh! The Tigers appear to be bad at all of the things mentioned above…Realistically its hard to see how the Tigers will compete.

        Luckily, its early and things can turn around..I wouldn’t bet on it..but we can still ahve hope. great play by Kelly..if that were Inge we would have to hear how great of a fielder he was..except if it were Inge than Miggy would have to dig his bad throw out of the dirt

  3. The funny thing about the Bonderman reclamation project is…the guy had electric stuff..but had no mental toughness and was the opposite of a greg maddux when it came to “pitching”…Now, he has no “stuff” anymore..He has to “pitch” as opposed to just throw and rely on his arm…He has no chance of being successful..IMO..I sure, hope I am wrong..but, the reality is, that the guy had a great postseason and about a 1/2 a season of really good pitching….the rest of the time..all we heard was “he has a great arm” he just needs a changeup..or get through that 1st inning…in other words he wasn’t consistent or very good..when he had much better stuff…normally, guys who reinvent themselves were good before..he was all potential..He is a bullpen killer..all season he is going to struggle to get through 4-5 and he can not get LH out..he struggled when he threw 95-96 at getting LH out. What wishful thinking by the Tiger front office. i have more faith in Willis, than Bondo..

  4. We whine about Laird not hitting yet we have Avila who is batting .105. I’m not saying that we should whine about Avila, but the dude isn’t separating himself at all from Gerald.

    1. Laird hits a popup every time and we have to hear the name “G-Money” Yet, your point is quite accurate… We are lucky to be 7-8..if not for our 3-4 hitters and some suspect bullpens..we could be 4-11 or worse. At some point, you have to wonder..How bad of an offense are we? It is getting scary…our inability to hit starting pitching. You’d like to think its an anomaly..but we are getting to the 20 game mark…you would think we would have knocked around one starter by now..Has the opposition been 100% in quality starts against us?

  5. Damon has a no trade clause.
    Robetson nwas a bad choice for cut
    and Avila would be in AA in another team

  6. I swear I came to the site tonight to make Bilfer happy and not be a Nancy Negativity. But my goodness, a 6-9 of Kelly, Avila, Santiago, Sizemore is the 6 thru 9 of an expansion team not a Top Ten payroll team. I like Sizemore, I think he’s going to be good, but you lose the first two and then you start this as your bottom half of the order? This is baseball, so they could still win, but geez this is a ‘give-up’ bottom half. And we already lost the first two! How this team could spend this much money and end up starting this is beyond me.

    1. and as I read your comment, Don Kelly of the 6-9 “quadfecta” goes deep for our only run so far. Bizarre game, baseball

  7. That pitch was inside to Damon, just like the one last night was outside. But, those pitches are just too close to take with two strikes…

    1. Damon had every right to be angry. That pitch was so inside, it was pathetic the umpire called it a strike.

  8. How bad was that called third strike?

    Gameday on my phone made it look REALLY inside.

    Glad Damon was ticked enough to get ejected.

    Maybe it rallies the troops, who knows….?

  9. That was a comically bad call on that last pitch. Angels announcer talking about what a great pitch it was then graph shows it was six inches inside.

  10. Jackson strikes out too much to bat leadoff….leads the team with 20 before tonight.
    He should be dropped down in the order until he learns how to bat in the majors.

    1. His last AB was impressive. He has a few good AB’s every game. Besides the K’s, he’s doing everything great. He’s on pace to get 219 hits and 115 runs scored.

    2. I do not even know why you bother watching the Tigers play sometimes. Do you hate the sun because it is too hot?

        1. Well then back it up with data. Even though Jackson has struck out 20 times he has a batting average of .317 and an OBP of .380. Therefore your statement that he strikes out too much to be a lead off hitter is not right because his OBP says he can be. And as a rookie that is pretty good.
          Just like 120 degrees is hotter than 70 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course, my Canadian friend). Too often on this site people make statements than cannot be quantified, backed up, or proven. It kills the fun.

          1. I don’t dispute any of the other facts that you have stated!
            I just think that for his and the teams future going forward it would be better that he hit in the bottom third of the order until he could learn to cut his strikeouts down.

            1. Jackson is 7th on the team in OBP as of right now…..and that would be a good spot for him in the batting order.

              1. “Jackson is 7th on the team in OBP as of right now…..and that would be a good spot for him in the batting order.”

                Not to split hairs, but he’s actually sixth among “regulars”; Santiago is 2nd, but with only 24 ABs and a career OBP that’s .120 lower than what he’s rocking right now. Inge is also ahead of him with an OBP that’s .80 above his norm. With Miggs, Maggs, Guillen and Damon being the others ahead of him (at the moment), you’re other lead-off options are probably just Damon – unless you don’t consider Guillen an injury risk.

                But let’s stick with your logic for a second: Cabrera is 1st in OBP…should he be leading off?

                Jackson is 3rd on the team in total bases behind Miggs & Maggs (great potential law firm name). Would cutting down on Ks be nice to see, absolutely. However, lets not drop the only guy with decent OBP + wheels (and SBs) so low that you’re counting on the Honorable Gerald Laird to drive him in. Mmmmk?

  11. Good for Miguel. He wanted nothing more than to crush Weaver and he almost knocked it out.

  12. That was a baffling play by Sizemore. Spinning completely around without making tag. looked like he was avoiding contact at all costs.

  13. WOO-HOO! A bit of good fortune after a bonehead play…finally have a lead after what seems weeks.

  14. BTW, if you have, they’ve done a great job of syncing the video & audio…so you can hear Jim & Dan while muting the TV feed.

    1. Funny you say that, I have the MLB app on my iPhone and the radio is always about one out, or so, behind the gameday itself, which tends to be annoying.

  15. YES! Papa Grande with the save! I love games like this. That’s why they say it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. I

  16. it was so cold and the Tigers were so cold we left the stadium in the 8th went to the ESPN Zone in Disneyland….I must be in Disneyland because we walk in and the Ball Cabrerra hit just landed on the roof,,,,,then I knew we were in Disneyland cause Laird got on and scored the winning run…….hooray for Mickey Mouse right next door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Big win. Great job by Bonderman to settle down and the rest of the arms in the pen locking it down.

    Suffice to say, they were due a blooper find grass instead of glove.

  18. how about Bondo?? can he keep that up..his speed was down but I’m telling you sitting right there on a very cold California night (bout 46 ) he located for the most part and changed some speeds….he looked good!

  19. Great win, way to keep plugging away. Feels like we could have won each game in this series, so great to actually get the W tonight. Lets go out and get the split tomorrow with JV on the hill.

    And too bad Fuentes wasn’t back 2 nights ago!

    1. I live out here in LA and you think the Tiger fans hated Jones and Rodney Well Angels fans and Press loathe Fuentes…..and I never written the word loathe in my life

  20. I’m on Laird as much as anybody, ok maybe more ,but that break off second and that slide to get in was BIG TIME Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Laird is one of the best baserunners on the team, strangely enough.

      And one of the best bunters.

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