Game 2010.010: Tigers at Mariners

PREGAME: It’s west coast sleepy time baseball. At least the Tigers will have had a chance to get all Phiten’d up and that titanium should be improving their blood flow. Of course going up against Felix Hernandez they can use whatever advantage they can get.

If it weren’t for the ridiculous season by Zach Greinke, King Felix would have likey taken home the Cy Young award. Hernandez has made 2 starts this year, both of the quality variety. Although his 6 walks against the A’s probably wasn’t ideal. The Tigers faced him 3 times last year and they struck out 23 times in 20 innings.

Jeremy Bonderman goes for the Tigers. The rotation has struggled this second time through and it would be wonderful if Bonderman could be the first Tigers starter this season to record an out in the 7th inning.

The “normal” lineup is back:

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Sizemore, 2B
  9. Everett, SS

Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners – April 16, 2010 – At Bat

POSTGAME: One way to look at this game is to think that the chances of the Tigers beating Hernandez weren’t that great, that this was a game they had a pretty good shot of coming out on the losing end anyways. Having said that…there’s losing and there’s getting smoked. The Tigers got smoked and there is very little to take away from this game that was encouraging.Bonderman looked pretty good early on. I could do without the walks to Chone Figgins, but the slider had bite and Bonderman was working at the edges of the strike zone and keeping the ball out of the middle of the plate. I’ll give him a pass on the 2 runs he game up in the 4th because if the team could field a sacrifice bunt he gets out of the inning.

The 5th inning though? I don’t know. Ugly and something we’ve seen way too much from starters against bad offensive teams. The thing is there was nothing glaring. He was mixing pitches, working both sides of the plate, but it was line drive after line drive.

Offensively the Tigers did their best the first time through the order to make Hernandez work. The first 9 batters saw 39 pitches and King Felix had a perfect game after 3. They started jumping on pitches before getting 2 strikes on them the second time through and managed a couple of runs and squared a few more balls. But they weren’t going to get 12 runs.

  • Gerald Laird has entered Renteria-ville. He’s not hitting and he’s made two huge defensive gaffes in the last 2 games. This time chucking a free out into right field. He’s not getting it done in any facet of the game right now and he’s feeling the hate.
  • Inge’s hit streak ended last night.
  • Brad Thomas wasn’t good last night, but he ate innings. No need to fret about his performance, or be excited about it either. Still, the guy has to throw strikes, even as a mop up man.