Winter Meetings Day 3

As Tigers fans let us just hope that today is relatively boring. The Tigers will remain active and the roster will continue to change but hopefully we’re done with franchise-type players leaving. In the meantime here’s a recap of what happened yesterday – including some late notes – as well as a look at what may happen today.

11 thoughts on “Winter Meetings Day 3”

  1. I like all the pitching we have, but we need to somehow improve the hitting and getting people on base

    1st: Miggy – AOK here
    2nd: Sizemore New guy, broken wheel, new to the bigs, he will need to just do it !!
    SS: Everett: Not to good though on the hitting, can bunt, no power
    3rd: Inge: Everything but getting on base
    C: Laird: Not exactly a hitting machine
    DH: Guillen: Switch hitter, some power and gets on base Fine, wheels are slow
    OF: Maggs: Time will tell here. Can on strong at the end, need him to mash
    OF Jachson: New guy, looks like he can hit, no power
    OF Rayburn et all Average hitting here

    So while I like what is potentially coming together, who is going to get on base, how and how often. We will need to win a lot of close low scoring games and even with great starting pitching the bullpen will need to be solid …… Ah the bullpen …. We will need to batten that down soon.

    Steve in snowy and icy Rochester NY

    1. I’m for it if we can get rid of some bad contracts. I think Pierre could be more productive than Guillen given the chance. It’s just they’d be stuck with two years of Pierre opposed to one of Guillen.

      1. Ugh… with as many zeros as this batting order will have already, we need OBP and/or power. Pierre brings neither.

  2. As odd as it sounds I’d rather have Juan Pierre than Guillen in left, but I’d want to get rid of more than Guillen’s terrible contract for taking on Pierre’s terrible contract.

  3. As odd as it sounds I’d rather have Juan Pierre than Guillen in left, granted I’d want to get rid of more than Guillen’s terrible contract for taking on Pierre’s terrible contract.

    1. Wow, I didn’t realize Pierre was making $10M as well, that makes me feel a little better about Guillen’s bad contract. Guillen may be 2 years older, but he’s still better than Juan Pierre.

      I’m also hoping that the Tigers get extra active. I don’t like the shape of our team at all, pitching is fine, but we need to make some drastic changes and find keepers for the future.

      Guys I would love to see be traded and in approximate order:

      Ordonez and Guillen — looking for money savings and youth

      Everett and Laird – i hate guys that can’t hit at minimum levels, no reason to have them on a team of our “potential” caliber every year

      Inge – although finding the right 3B has to happen first, perhaps a group trade here nets us a 3B.

      Raburn and Cabrera depending on if the price is right of what i’m looking for

      Larish / Ryan / Thomas / Kelly – not a big fan of these guys

      Cash ’em all in, none of them need to be here and we need to improve on all of them. So best to use the collection of them to find an upgrade somewhere and save some money and start making arrangements for who’s going to take over those other spots.

  4. Pierre solves the leadoff hitter issue……as in who the hell on this team can hit leadoff for us? So I can support getting Pierre if we can move Guillen. Also, who hits second to take Polanco’s spot? I could see Ordonez as a possible #2 hitter with his ability to make contact and .300 batting average (though not ideal). However, I have no clue who will hit leadoff now that Grandy is gone. Seriously, who hits leadoff for this team? Sizemore? Jackson? Ugh. I don’t even see a true #2 hitter. We’ve got a team full of bottom of the lineup guys with the exceptions of Cabrera and Ordonez. We thought scoring runs last year was tough, just wait until the summer of 2010. Yeesh.

    1. Austin Jackson is my guess. I’m also expecting us to deal AT LEAST 1 more OF to make more room for him out there as well.

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